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Each month we listen to hundreds of new songs from some of the best Indie Artists in the world. We focus on lesser-known and undiscovered artists and there are so many talented musicians out there we are never disappointed. We do the searching so you can do the listening. Check out all the New Music below (in no particular order) and discover your next favorite song today!

Raynes – “Come My Way”

This one caught us a little off guard and we have not stopped listening to it ever since. It is one of the best songs of the year so far and we are really excited about this band. Check out our cool feature on Raynes and our exclusive interview with the band.

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Indie Band
Raynes – Come My Way

Tadhg Daly – “Come Alive”

Tadhg Daly definitely came alive this month with his new release. What a great sound this song has. He has consistently cranked out good song after good song. Check out our post highlighting some of his best. You can thank us later!

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Indie Music
Tadhg Daly – “Come Alive”

Joel Robertson – “Give Hope”

Hope is a powerful thing and this song is full of hope. This is our first time hearing of Joel and we are so glad that we found him. His voice is magical and his message is powerful. We look forward to hearing more from him.

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Joel Robertson - Give Hope
Joel Robertson – “Give Hope”

Hunter Sheridan – “This Time I Know”

Hunter is another one of those artists that put out consistent quality music. He is a regular on our Spotify playlists and we have really grown to enjoy his music. Keep your eyes open for his upcoming album “Life is a Dream” set to release on May 8, 2020. Check out our feature on him here.

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Best Indie Music April 2020
Hunter Sheridan – “This Time I Know”

Dr!ftwood – L.I.O.

Driftwood is a “new” band to us but we have really enjoyed listening to their new song this month. They have a smooth but catchy sound, solid vocals, and awesome musicianship. It sounds like a good formula for success. Love the housecoat/mask journey through the neighborhood. So many groups are having to improvise and adjust their plans. Keep going guys!

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Driftwood - L.I.O.
Dr!ftwood – L.I.O.

Hadi – “All The Lights”

Hadi is no stranger to our lists of “Top Music” as he has so many great songs. His latest “All The Lights” keeps the streak going as it is a powerful and timely song about being there for each other. Check out our cool feature on Hadi as he was our “Indie Artist of the Month” for April 2020. There is also an exclusive interview in the feature so don’t miss it!

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Hadi Music
Hadi – “All the Lights”

HeartMouth – “Just Tomorrow”

This is the third straight “awesome” song from HeartMouth since we learned about them a few short months ago. Great vocal and music with enough freshness to keep them in our heavy rotation. Keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with the group and feature post. We are excited to continue this journey with them and see what the future holds. We think it’s going to be big!

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HeartMouth - Just Tomorrow
HeartMouth – Just Tomorrow

Charlotte Sands – “Nothing’s Even Wrong”

Charlotte Sands is another one of those artists that we can’t believe more people don’t know about. Song after “next level” song has got her right in the center of our radar. It’s the second month in a row that a female artist has won our coveted “best photo” award. 🙂 We expect you guys to step it up!

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charlotte sands - Nothing's Even Wrong
Charlotte Sands – Nothing’s Even Wrong

The Treble – “All The People”

This song is just cool … from the first beat to the last it has an infectious groove that you can’t get out of your head … and that’s a good thing. This is the first time we are hearing of this band but it won’t be the last. So much talent and so little time.

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The Treble - All the People
The Treble – All the People

Marco Guglielmino – “Alive”

We’re a sucker for great piano songs and this is one. All the way from Italy, Marco gives us a beautiful love song. The song builds into a lovely crescendo and we can’t get enough. Sometimes it good to just strip it all down to the basics. Once again, we look forward to what the future holds for this artist.

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Marco Guglielmino - Alive
Marco Guglielmino – Alive

Elliot Jones – “Reality Reject”

This is the second month in a row for Elliot to make our list and we are pretty sure it won’t be the last. We love guitars done well and his sound is spot on. Glad to see an accompanying video and it makes us want to go to the beach! Check out his other music and you won’t be disappointed.

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Elliot Jones - Reality Reject
Elliot Jones – Reality Reject

Grasmere – “Invincible”

Another newcomer to our site, Grasmere hits it out of the park with their new song “Invincible.” It is a perfect blend of pop-rock with an anthem feel that keeps you wanting more.

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Grasmere - Invincible
Grasmere – Invincible

Katanak – “Take Us Back”

Katanak does it again with his new song “Take Us Back.” It is full of fun and energy and has a timely message. The song is about going back to a time when we were young when we didn’t know how good we had it. Hopefully, none of us will take even the most basic things for granted after all that the world has been through recently.

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Katanak - Take Us Back
Katanak – Take Us Back

YVR – “Pay”

“I’m not asking you to pay for diner, I’m not asking you to pay my bills, you don’t have to pay me compliments, just pay attention.” The super catchy song “Pay” got our attention this month by a new group to us MVP. Looks like we have another awesome artist to follow!

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YVR - Pay
YVR – Pay

Michael Rose – “I Got You”

Cool video for the song “I Got You.” Music speaks to us in times of trouble and so many great artists are writing timely songs that speak to us during these crazy times. Everyone wants to know that someone “has us,” and that is what this song is all about.

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Michael Rose - I Got You
Michael Rose – I Got You

If you have been following us for long you know we have a hard time picking the “top” anything. This month is no exception as there were so many great new Indie songs that it was virtually impossible to narrow it down to our top 15. Therefore, as always, we have thrown in a few bonuses for you!

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