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15 Best New Indie Songs | March 2020

15 Best New Indie Songs | March 2020

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Welcome to our list of the Best New Indie Music songs for March 2020. First things first. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone struggling in the face of the global pandemic we are all facing. It is bringing us together and people are doing amazing good in the face of this horrific disease. Yet, many are suffering. One group that is hard hit is musicians. Gigs, festivals, concerts and shows are being cancelled all over the globe. You can really make a difference. Don’t ever underestimate how much your subscription, like share and comment can encourage an Indie artist, especially during these crazy times.

We want to start by saying this list is in no particular order. We love them all! It includes songs that were released at the end of February or during March of this year. We received hundreds of song submissions each month and it is mind blowing how many great Indie Artists there are out there. We want to say thank you to each one and encourage all of you to keep chasing your dreams.

Without further to do, here is our list! We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do.

First on our list is “Worth It” by Heartmouth (Video at the Top of Page). This one has been on our playlists for a little while now as it came out on the last day of February and did not get considered for last months list. We have listened to it many times in the past few weeks and it already feels like an old friend. We never get tired of the soaring vocals and simple message of this cool song. Give it a listen now and support them below.

Watch this cool music video by Miya Miya with their cool song Underwater. It has amassed over 70 K views in the first few weeks out. As this is their very first release, expectations for this bands future are huge. Great sound, great vocals, catchy lyrics, they have the whole package and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Give it a listen now and see for yourself. Support this new group below:

15 Best New Indie Songs | March 2020

“Your New Home” | Ant Utama

Watch this moving video for this tribute song, by Ant Utama, in remembrance of the Christchurch, NZ terror attack one year ago on March 15, 2019. It is a beautiful song that does a good job of honoring a horrific tragedy. There always has been and always will be hatred, but thankfully people continue to come together and stand united in the face of evil. In the end, love wins. We too remember and honor those affected by this tragedy. Be sure and check out more from Ant Utama below.

“Running out of Time” | Beyond Unbroken

Watch this awesome music video for the song “Running Out of Time” by Beyond Unbroken. In our opinion, this is flat out one of the best Rock songs we have heard in a while. It is “Rock” solid from head to toe and this band is going places. Each month brings a different group of songs and we are happy to say that the Rock genre is well represented in March, with Beyond Unbroken leading the way. You owe it to yourself to check them out … show them some love below.

“Midnight Queen” by Luna Keller & Eric Bay

Check out this new release from another cool collaboration. Luna Keller and Eric Bay teamed up to bring us “Midnight Queen” and we are so glad they did. Luna is also our Indie Artist of the month for March 2020 so be sure and check out our interview and feature on her. Together they sound great and the song is just plain cool. Hit the button already and support them below!

“No More” | 4FLO Music

Watch this awesome video for this awesome song. As we have said before, we get hundreds and hundreds of songs submitted to us each month. We hear every type of music imaginable along all degrees of quality. Some days nothing really stands out and then there are days when a talent like 4FLO Music comes along. It was a good day 🙂 What can we say? How about Original, Fresh, Cool, Relevant, Unique, Talented, Memorable and these are just a few things that come to mind when we think of 4FLO Music. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your art with us and the world. You can submit your music to us here. Check out and support 4FLO music below.

Mitchell Martin | “Be Myself” Lyric Video

Watch this Lyric video for the latest from Mitchell Martin. This is another song that has been on repeat for us the past couple of weeks. It is so catchy and yet powerful, we simply can’t get enough. Don’t miss the important message in the mix of all the cool grooves and sounds. Everyone can relate to this song! This young Aussie is quickly making a name for himself and we are excited to witness the journey. Give him a listen and support him below.

Quitting Whitney | “U EVR”

Don’t stop now! Give this one a listen. Another song that is unique and fresh sounding. The “in” thing to do these days is mix genres. We think this is a great idea, but not everyone can pull it off. We hear many attempts each month and yet only a few do it really well. We think this is an example of genre mixing done right. It is courageous and when it pays off, it pays off big. More please! Support them below, it really does make a difference.

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“No Friends” | by Rosendale and Cadmium

Watch this cool lyric video for another awesome song by Rosendale. This song was in collaboration with Cadmium and is as catchy as always. Considering that the world is in lock down and with social distancing, we can’t be with our friends as normal, it is almost as there is some prophetic voice in this song. Give it a listen now and be warned, you may not be able to get the tune out of your head anytime soon. Check out more from them below.

“Horizons” | Carry the Crown

Watch another cool video by Carry the Crown. They have a great sound and have come up with the perfect “Pop Rock” song with “Horizons,” I know we ask this question a lot, but “how can this song not be on the radio?” The world needs to know this song and this band. Keep it up guys! Support them below.

Michelle Ariane | “Finally Be Me”

Sometimes its the sound, sometimes its the vocals, sometimes its the groove. This song is just a great song and has it all. It is a song that everyone can relate to as we have all had our hearts broken. But, it is also a song of hope. Each new beginning is an opportunity to be yourself in a new and fresh way. Support her below.

Monteath | Juliet

Listen to another catchy song … this one is from Monteath. They are truly an International group and their sound is infectious, in a good way. Some songs you like from the first play and some songs just get better the more you listen. For us, this one falls into the latter category and we have really grown to love it the more we listen. Therefore, give it a listen, or two or three 🙂 Show them some love below.

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“Born Brave” | JØAN

Listen to this Epic song by JØAN. This song is so big and so cool we think it belongs in a movie soundtrack. Their bio says ” Dark cinematic pop female duo. The soundtrack to every woman’s badassery. ” That says it all… listen already! Show them your support below.

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daFOO | “Starboy”

Listen to “Starboy” by daFOO. Its a call to everyone who is seeking to find their place in the world. It’s an upbeat song with a powerful message. Check it out now and show some love below.

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“Not the Beginning” | Alex Andra

Listen to “Not the Beginning” by Alex Andra. This one easily wins our “coolest picture” of the month award. But it is so much more. We love guitars and they are plentiful in this catchy and “in your face” new song with everything you could want in a rock song, including a “throat clear”. Give it a listen and show some love below.

As you can imagine, it is virtually impossible to narrow so many great songs down to a list of the best each month, but we continue to give it our best shot. There are many awesome songs that did not make our list and that is for many reasons. One thing is that we want to have as wide a range of diversity on our list as possible to represent the many genres of Indie Music. Also, we try and keep our list to artists that are not as well known as some of the more main stream Indie Artists out there.

That concludes our list of the Best New Indie Songs of the Month for March 2020. Do you have a favorite? Is there a song that we missed and you think should be included in our list? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

There are so many great new songs that we could not fit them all in. You know we can’t end without a few bonuses. Here are a few more of our favorites for March 2020.



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