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4 Minutes Later has a story unlike any other. They first started this big mystery and created curiosity by simply tweeting “music coming soon”. No band introduction, no faces of the band members, no posting of gigs, no location, just a heads up about the masterpiece they were about to give. Then it wasn’t long before they surfaced online with the tag #whois4ML, and it became “trending” across the UK, USA and Mexico, before they even released their very first song. Up to this day, the band remained anonymous despite having quite a number of positive responses on their music. Interesting enough? Let’s go and check out some of the band’s music videos.

4 Minutes Later | My Way

This music video by 4 Minutes Later is very encouraging and empowering. It is sending us a simple message: We can all make a difference. But we need to start within ourselves. This music video shows us the reality of the world today. There is so much Poverty, Racism, Chaos, War and Famine all over the world, and the last thing we need is Hatred, Greed, and Lack of care for one another. Watch and find out the rest of the video’s message on this amazing EP by 4ML.

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My Way | Lyrics

All rise – for the masses
I’ll rise – from the ashes
No joke when it happens
Rebels with a passion

Lost hope in a broken scene
Found light in a haunted dream
No truth in the captions
Bruise and they blacken
Keep sayin’
There’s no changin’
I’m done waitin’

4 Minutes Later

I’m ready to fight
And if you say your keeping score
I’ve takin every hit and I’ll take more

It happens tonight
I’m not waiting anymore
By the time I’m dead and gone they won’t ignore
My Way

March on – from the shadows
Break free – of the gallows
If you practice what you preach
Victory’s in reach

Found hope in the atmosphere
Stand tall – gotta face my fears
There’s no lookin back when
We’re finally gettin traction
Keep sayin’
There’s no changin’
I’m done waitin’

I’m ready to fight
And if you say your keeping score
I’ve takin every hit and I’ll take more

4 Minutes Later | Best Music Videos

Bad Love

Watch this cool music video of 4 Minutes Later called “Bad Love”. A lot of people who had that love they wanted so bad but was not able make it work will definitely have the “feels” for this song. It talks a lot about reality of love where it can sometimes become so painful, you just end up letting go. Their collaboration with Laur Elle was perfect! Awesome musical arrangement combined with relaxing vocals. What are you waiting for? Click now and watch this wonderful music video!

Can You Feel My Bones

Have you ever had a thing for “Bad girls”? Well, this song is about falling for a bad girl. 4 Minutes Later did a fantastic job in this music video. It has the lyrics to this bouncy – upbeat song and has a unique background all throughout! Go ahead and watch this cool music video by 4ML!

Phase I

Since this band has remained Anonymous until this day, and as of this post, check out this video that seems to be a teaser or introduction of the band. Featuring snaps and short clips of their songs, how they were trending over social medias and more. It will really get you thinking… “Who is 4ML?” what will they do next? Will they ever reveal who they are? Well, there is only one way to find out. Stay tuned!



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