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Actrese Music | Lola + bio on this up and coming alt-pop artist

Actrese Music | Lola + bio on this up and coming alt-pop artist

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Watch Actrese in this music video for her new single Lola. Her style is kind of unique and she describes this song as dreamy and beat-driven. She talks about positivity and not giving up on dreams in this song. She was at a point in her life when she wanted to do music. This is the first song she’d ever written. The song opened the door for her to do music that she never thought she’d have the chance to open. So this about dreaming and following those dreams. She believed in it even when she was at a point of uncertainty of those dreams ever coming true. How the song came about, she says, was when she would imagine meeting those people she looked up to and how it would be like. It was creatively just her and her imagination.

She is the focus of her music video. She, herself, is Lola. Basically revolving around her dreams, she wanted to name the song something that is very personal. And with that, she named it after what her grandmother nicknamed her and what everybody in the family calls her.

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Actrese Music | Lola

Actrese is a London-based singer and songwriter. She believes that music being a message and singing a conductor of it. Now 22, she started her fascination with music in school plays where she was always the first one to sing. She has been into music ever since. Growing up, her passion grew with her favorite pastime playing with her dad’s keyboard. She would be making up random sounds and singing with it. She had gone through a time when her teacher said she couldn’t sing. That instilled embarrassment and fear, making her stop singing altogether.

Drawing influences from Lana Del Rey, The xx, Bastille, The Weeknd and Dua Lipa, she describes her music as alt-pop. She also draws inspiration from all kinds of music. Discovering about Bastille in 2013 became the turning point of her musical career. She was still figuring out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Since then, she “…exchanged my guitar for a microphone, recorded a demo, moved to London, met some of my idols, recorded an EP, met a producer from Brighton ā€“ Lewis Amoroso (Amo Audio) and finally recorded my newest single LOLA”.

Actrese Music | Lola


Having always been passionate about music, what, made her turn it into a career was the thought of how short life is but she wanted it to sound nice and feel like a dream. She also believes that music should be honest and real, but different, diverse and experimental.

Ever the dreamer and working hard for it, the best advice a friend has given her was ‘knock on all doors possible ā€“ the worst you can get is a no, which you already have anyway, and the best you can get is anything else’. That and hard work have led her into where she is now.

“I always wanted something more from life and when I realized that only music gives me that thrill, there was no going back. I canā€™t give up because there would always be that void in me”.


ACTRESE creates atmospheric, daydreamy melodies with sultry vocals. A refreshing sound to look out for in music, this awesome artist is sure to shake the industry as she establishes her name and sound. Well, we’re sure to stick around for more of her!

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