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First in the list of our Adeline Saive music collection is her single titled ‘Breathing Again’. This song is both whimsical and groovy. Its meaning is all about the celebration of hope, new beginnings, and the overall joy of having that. The song emphasizes the notion that when you have the courage to take the effort to start all over again, there will always be a very good reward waiting for you.

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Adeline Saive Bio

Adeline Saive Music
Adeline Saive

Adeline Saive is a French-native singer-songwriter who is based in Montreal, Canada. She has a style of music that is described as pop but with a touch of folk and soul. Her parents both being professional classical musicians, Adeline was exposed to music at a really young age. Since then, she has been encouraged to rigorously pursue an instrument which she did. She plays the flute at first then eventually mastered the piano until she came to a point of enhancing her voice. Later on, she also learned to play the guitar. Her music is a unique blend of a genre that draws from both her experience in learning the guitar through country music and with her on-stage involvement in soulful gospel music.

More Adeline Saive Music

Lost In Japan Cover

This is the kind of cover music video that I really like to watch. The happy tune, groovy music, and smiling artists. If you’re a musician, I’m sure you can relate to what I’m saying because I know you know that feeling. This is probably my favorite in this Adeline Saive music selection.

Time After Time

Thirdly for our Adeline Saive music compilation is her acoustic cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’. This is just one good way to see how talented she is not just as a singer but a musician in general. Her guitar sounds so good in this one.

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