Alba Music | Mass Extinction

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Alba Music | Mass Extinction

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Watch this awesome Mass Extinction music video by Alba. It has a funky rhythm that gets you swaying. More importantly, it has a relevant message that listeners can pause and reflect on. Creative music video that relays the message of the song clearly. Take action! Click on the links below for more of this artist’s music.

Alba Music | Mass Extinction

Alba | Mass Extinction

A Spanish-born artist, Alba developed a timelessly classic yet fresh neo-soul-influenced pop-rock sound. A well-rounded artist who’s a singer and guitar player, to add to being a composer writing her own songs. Being a feminist and an environmentalist, her songs are relevant and thought-provoking. She uses her music to make a difference and raise awareness about social and environmental issues. Her inspiration ranges from Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder to Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and John Mayer. A smoky, soulful voice, provocative lyrics, and extraordinary guitar playing makes her one very talented musician.

Alba Music

Alba | Heartbeat

Watch this catchy song titled Heartbeat by Alba. Starts with a really cool guitar playing that already catches the attention. Cool funky rhythm that gets you tapping your feet and shaking your shoulders to the beat. When the song ends, you just have to play it again and again. She has a really smooth voice too!

Alba | Lucky

Watch Alba in this really cool music video for her song Lucky. First time you hear it and it’s surely going to be in your playlist. The lyrics are so familiar that anyone who listens can relate and can always think of someone to dedicate it to. This artist just creates great music every time! She is someone to look out for and listen to.

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