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Alyona Vargasova | Journey Through The Milky Way

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Watch Alyona Vargasova with a music video of her awesome original song ‘Journey Through the Milky Way.’ Her incredible guitar skills shine through in this amazing instrumental song.

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 Alyona Vargasova
Alyona Vargasova

“In music, I can say that I’m pretty versatile and what genre I listen to depends really much on my mood. Now I have 2 songs in absolutely different styles. In the future, I’m going to release two EPs and then two full-length albums in two styles. “

Journey Through the Milky Way
Hypernova Explosion Shock Wave

Alyona Vargasova Bio

“A girl can dream” so they say. But this amazingly talented lady is not just here to dream. She is persistently on her way to making her dreams a reality. Alyona Vargasova is a guitar player and a cat lover from Russia. Her love for music led her to focus on becoming a full time guitarist and she is totally rocking it!

About 2 years ago, (as of this writing) She started sharing her talent through Youtube and made guitar covers that successfully garnered almost 300,000 views! and because of her undeniable talents and perseverance, her overall views have now reached Millions and counting. Not to mention, about a year ago, she also started releasing her original songs (Guitar play through)! She currently has 2 EPs entitled “Journey Through the Milky Way” and “Hypernova Explosion Shock Wave“.

The video for her debut single “Journey Through the Milky Way”, which she uploaded on YouTube about 8 months ago, has already reached almost 4 Million views (as of this writing). According to Vargasova, “It’s a dreamy song about all my wanders under the stars. I’m fond of astronomy and want to immerse you in a world of dreams and tranquility.” and I must say, she totally rocked this EP and she was truly amazing! You should go check it out!

The reality though is that in order for Vargasova to continue improving the sound quality of her videos and music, she needs financial assistance. Through Patreon, a membership platform for artists and creators to get paid, you can help finance for new music gears that can help enhance the quality of her recordings.

Supporting her though Pateon will not only help her make higher quality sound but this will also give you an access to all the details of her latest music, her music making process, video creation, and process of creating photos for her social medias. It’s a win win for all her fans and supporters too!

It will be great to see such an amazing artist like Alyona Vargasova to keep making good music and witness her progress through all your help! So far, her music has already inspired quite a number of viewers and followers and we need to see more of her and hear more of her music which I’m sure will be nothing but phenomenal.

Alyona Vargasova Guitar Videos

Four Seasons Cover

Watch Alyona Vargasova in this guitar video cover of Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons – Summer’. Look at her spider-like videos shred that nice Jackson electric guitar! I can definitely say that this is one good, ‘flawless’ guitar playing video.

Hypernova Explosion Shock Wave

Alyona Vargasova guitarist introduces us to her new single ‘Hypernova Explosion Shock Wave’. She said she wrote this song with a belief that everything in this world is cynical and people should walk along the turns of a spiral type of overcoming trials in life. It is amazing that even though this song doesn’t have lyrics, she still can say something about its message. To me, that’s truly how an artist should be!

It is with no arguments that we can say she definitely has amazing guitar shredding skills. She’s an artist who writes and produces her own music. That is really amazing! I have high hopes for this kind of artist and these are the ones that I would really love to see performing LIVE!



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