Antonia Vai Music | Kali’s Song- a mythological story of a feminist declaration

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Watch this soulful Antonia Vai music video for her track Kali’s Song. This song has so much power to get you hypnotized, not only with her ethereal voice but also the soul that exudes from her singing. It gives off an overwhelming feeling surging all over your being. Listening to this probably explains the feeling of floating or constantly flowing. Her rich voice is so relaxing to listen to.

The song is a mythological story of a feminist declaration. Kali is the ferocious deity of death and birth. This song is told through the Hindu Goddess’ eyes. She is dancing her dance of destruction to stop a war.

“I’ve loved Kali’s story for many years and it is one I keep returning to. She carries a strong feminist statement. She embodies the limitless right to be, to feel as a woman, without seeking permission. What I think is interesting, is that Kali is seen as terrifying but we need to remember; she appears as a reaction, to things that have long been terrifying before her arrival.”

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Antonia Vai Music

Antonia Vai Music

Born Antonia Morvai, she is a Swedish/Hungarian singer-songwriter born and raised in Stockholm. She has been producing homemade bedroom songs during her high school and went out to let the world hear her music after graduating. Since moving to Budapest in 2013 and forming her own band, she has infiltrated the Hungarian music and immediately made an impression with her unique expression and story-telling songs. They have been kept busy with creating more music, working with other known musicians, touring,  and even more festival performances around Europe.

Antonia was chosen to participate in “Nagyszínpad”, a Hungarian competition where she got nominated as Songwriter of the Year by the Hungarian performing rights society Artisjus. She can be expected to keep producing and releasing more Antonia Vai music regardless of how the world is changing or looking in the next years.

Her music touches the Pop, Folk, and Soul music genres.

Kali’s Song Lyrics

I hide a million years ’til I find you
Oh, look at what you do on my grounds
I’ll drop my veil for your eyes
So you can watch me dance for you

I rise, once your swords have been dropped down
I move my curves like mountains to the sky
I’ll dance you ’til your final breath
‘cause every heart that lives must learn a thousand deaths
And watch me dance

Antonia Vai Music

I came from earth, I came from sky
And in love I return and watch me rise

You two-handed monsters:
I’m rotation of four arms
See them raised in opposition
Not enough wind in your lungs
For the waves I got envisioned

See before this earth got round
It was flat beneath my feet
And I flipped it like a coin
Where my twenty fingers meet

Now I could split my tongue as I speak
My words turn into blades
You’re surprised at my reaction
‘Cause you’re used to gettin’ away

With invading what’s not yours
Terror that breaks down doors and
God forbid I come off as a hysterical omen
The thing you’d call any woman

All this time, infiltrated
Into my own home was him
All this time, indoctrinated
Into my own light was him

All this time infiltrated
Into my own faith was guilt
All this time indoctrinated
Into my own light was him
But every heart must learn

And watch me dance
I came from earth, I came from sky
And in love I return and watch me rise

I came from earth, I came from sky
And in love I return and watch me rise
I will dance, I’ll dance for your eyes
In all my rage, all my light
Oh I will rise

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