Avery Drummer – Amazing Kid Drummer Avery Molek

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Growing Up With The Classics

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Avery Drummer Molek has been playing drums since he was six year old. Therefore, this cool video gives viewers a taste of how he has grown as a drummer over the years as he plays through many great classic rock songs.

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Avery Drummer Molek
Avery Drummer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is where Avery drummer life began. He was born on the 6th of September 2006. His dad was a musician who plays the guitar and other than that, Avery’s entire family has no musical background but definitely loves Rock ‘n’ Roll. With that being said, it means from the minute Avery was born, he has always been in the spirit of great music! When he was 2 years old, he got a toy guitar and a small drum set as a Christmas gift. Ever since he has been playing the instruments and his parents see him really enjoying it. As a small child, he chose to watch music videos than cartoons. That was when his parents realized that there is something special with Avery.

Avery was always in his drums. It was like a magnet to him. And with not much time, Avery was already starting to go along with the rhythm and beat of his favorite songs. His parents then began recording videos of him because they notice that Avery was more focused when the camera is rolling and he can actually finish a song. Then they started sharing the videos on YouTube. Today, Avery continues to do what he does on YouTube and has been also appearing on big stages. Watch his videos!

Avery Drummer Cover Videos

Hot For Teacher

Avery at six years old playing ‘Hot For Teacher’ cover together with Brad Paisley. This was such a huge audience and Avery was only six! I can only imagine how awesome that feeling would be! He played the drums very well like as if he was really a part of the band. Can you recall what were you doing when you were six years old?

Enter Sandman

Avery drummer playing Metallica. It’s getting crazier! The kid is really a special one because we all know not every kid can just simply appreciate Metallica. It takes a special mind to love music like this at a very young age and Avery is a perfect example. As a drummer myself, I can really tell that his strokes are very close to the original. I bet Lars Ulrich, Metallica’s drummer would love this video.

Tom Sawyer

At seven years young, his drumming skills are already on another level. If you look at how he hits the high hat cymbals with that speed plus the constant openings, that is something I could say is NOT a beginner level ability. Aside from that, look at his drum setup. At seven years old, he’s already able to play a double-bass drum setup. I’m starting to feel jealous of this kid already!

Avery Drummer – Amazing Kid Drummer Avery Molek

Somebody To Love

Fast forward to Avery Drummer at 12 years old, this is his drum cover for ‘Somebody To Love’ by Queen. He said he did this cover after seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Avery got inspired by the story of the band being so courageous in fighting to be accepted in an era where everyone is expected to be the same. This is somewhat a simpler drum cover than his others but definitely a good example of how precise Avery has become when it comes to hitting every stroke in this song.

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