Bad Mother Nature Music | Let Me Die Easy & more Original Songs

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Let Me Die Easy

It’s such a treat to let yourself enjoy intellectually-arranged music such as one from Bad Mother Nature Music. This one has a strong ’60s-’70ish sound to it. Their unconventional rhythm and piano infusion make their style unlike any other. It makes looking forward to their next songs more exciting. To hear what tasteful music they have yet again worked up for us is worth the wait. This band will never go out of style with their engrossing music.

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Bad Mother Nature

Bad Mother Nature Music

They are a four-piece Rock band from Sacramento, CA formed in 2016. The band consists of guitarist/bassist duo Axel Ahrens and Corey Allred, pianist Ryan Allred, and drummer Jon McCann. The band has been honing their music through performing in California’s clubs and dive bars.

Originally inspired by the classic rock titans of the 1960s and ’70s, the band is starting to establish their name and sound, having several regional tours, performances in legendary venues such as the Viper Room in Hollywood and Ace of Spades in Sacramento. Their music leans to rock, progressive rock, blues rock, and hard rock genres.

The band’s first full-length LP, titled Porcelain Martyr, was released on February 8th, 2019, marking their second release of original material after their debut five-track EP, Strange Weather, in June of 2018. A second full-length album is planned for release in 2020. Their latest track, Let Me Die Easy, is the second among strings of singles to be released leading to their coming full-length LP. (

Bad Mother Nature Music | Let Me Die Easy & more Original Songs


With an attention-grabbing intro, Follyman is yet another exciting song both lyrically and rhythmically. This band just keeps us on our toes with every song they release. The groovy feel of the song is amplified with an interesting music video of the guys just walking the streets playing makeshift instruments and dressed like gypsy minstrels. It’s set! We’re not letting ourselves miss any of their music.

Old Soul

You’re missing a lot if you have not heard Old Soul by Bad Mother Nature Music. This is more of piano-driven riffs and much of the cool instrumentals. The jazz and bluesy rhythm give off a chill vibe. The voice, even more, adds to the relaxing feel of the song. This band’s music is really awesome! This is the kind of music that needs to be heard! Classy, intellectually-placed music and lyrics. Definitely, one that deserves to be repeatedly listened to in your playlists.

Bad Mother Nature Music | Let Me Die Easy & more Original Songs


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Watch Bad Mother Nature Music perform their original song Lights. This band makes another masterpiece once again. This could definitely be everybody’s jam. For every song, we all wait for the chorus, but this song feels like a chorus from start to finish. It gets you hooked. Then there’s the change in the rhythm that also makes you pause, still keeping you on your toes. This is one of the coolest bands and their music seriously worth the listen!

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