BAXTR Music | Feathers- An Empowering Song on Self-image Acceptance

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Another beat-driven Alt-rock Pop track from BAXTR music! Their single, Feathers, talks about acceptance of self-image and proudly flaunting it to the world. This body-positive song is inspiring for both those who struggle for other’s acceptance, and more importantly those who fight against accepting their own person. The track is a mood-boosting celebration of unique beauty.

With the world swarmed of so much judgement, with the society being consumed with norms and perfection, the track is as much a message to the group themselves as it is for the rest of the listeners. This song is an inspiration of the group’s individual experiences, as well as stories encountered, about self-image and expression of sexuality.

This all-female band outdoes expectations for the second time around. Their music will always be an anthem of positivity and empowerment.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman who refuses superficial, unrealistic, heteronormative beauty ideals constructed by a patriarchal society and perpetuated by systemic sexism and consumerism. Show… your… FEATHERS!” – BAXTR

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They are an all-female trio from London. The girls of long-time close friendship have long envisioned making music together as a band. Pinches of influences from the 80’s pop, 90’s guitar bands, and a touch of Brit-pop inspire their musical style.

“We’ve wanted to do this for some time, but lockdown made us so grateful for music and each other – the joy and sense of connectedness that comes from both.

BAXTR were born of a desire to empower and spread a bit of that joy.” – Floss, vocals.

BAXTR are:
Floss Mackintosh (Lead vox / rhythm guitar)
Bash Powers (Lead guitar / keys / BV’s)
Keiko Jackson (Drums / BV’s)



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BAXTR music releases a confidence-boosting, funky track that’s going to be everyone’s perfect summer jam that’s not only just for the summer. This track gives off a happy vibe. Expect beaming smiles and high spirits after hearing this song. And you actually can’t let it pass without knowing the lyrics and singing along with it (hence, posting the lyric video. You’re welcome). You just have to. It’s infectious!

Inspired by the “indomitable nature of a young female intern”, the song inspires courage to those who are doubtful of what they are capable of. “Nobody’s you with your signature perfume…No one can do what you do” implies one’s uniqueness and is an underlying call not to compare yourself to others. The song could be dedicated to everyone who listens, but this also holds a representation from each of the BAXTR.


BAXTR are close friends and the band is something we’ve wanted to breathe life to for some time, and now that we’re making it happen… we’re finding ourselves overcoming some of our shadows and doing our own bit of “blooming”, and I think our connection with the sentiment helped make it a clear choice for our first release. But the message of Bloom is as much one for each other as it is for all the people out there who need to hear it: “Sew it, see it, make it true.” Because you can, and you will, and your Summer is coming!”

This song is an incredible personification of a flower. Those who are free and confident doing what they are capable of despite failures and discouragements are as beautiful as flowers in bloom that overcomes all weather. The amazing drum beat, playful guitar, and rich dulcet vocals are perfect combinations making up this song’s distinctive catchy tune.

The band’s single was released in June this year (2020), and it’s an exciting start of their musical journey that is surely going to be in full bloom before we know it!

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