Bear’s Towers Silent Birds

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Bear’s Towers | Silent Birds

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Bear’s Towers | Silent Birds

Watch this cool music video for the song Silent Birds by Bear’s Towers. This video relevantly expresses people’s emotions. A very creative video so be sure to watch to the end!

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About Bear’s Towers

Bear’s Towers | Silent Birds

Formed in September 2015, Bear’s Towers is made up of four members- Aurélien, Nathan, Olivier, and Tommy. They like alternating ‘softness and power, bringing a pop-folk tinged rock, their first love, sprinkled with skillfully dosed electronic orchestrations’. Their musical inspiration comes from Matt Corby, Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, and Foals.

A few months after they were formed, record label Single Bel produced NEVER ALONE which was recorded in 2016, and another album in 2018 called KYMA. Two albums include 22 songs, all in pop-folk and folk-rock music genres.

Bear’s Tower | Midnight Girl

Watch Midnight Girl by Bear’s Towers. This pop song gets you grooving with its danceable pop rhythm. Always great vocals and music from this band. Be sure to check out this group’s other videos.

Bear’s Towers | Aimless Wanderer

Check out the Aimless Wanderer music video by Bear’s Towers. With really awesome vocals, this band only gives us great songs. Watch out for more amazing pop-folk and folk-rock music from this band. Quick and get this cool song in your playlist now!

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