Best New Indie Music February 2020

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Kellie-Anne | Legacy

Kellie-Anne wrote this amazing song as a tribute to her friend John and all who struggle with ALS. This is a truly moving and beautiful song and shows the depth of talent this 17-year-old possesses. As someone who also has a dear friend with ALS, I really appreciate her heart and was deeply moved by this incredible song. Give it a listen now.

Lee Cole | I Don’t Wanna Wait

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Ali Gilbert | Shes on My Mind

Ali Gilbert was our Artist of the Month for February 2020.

Best New Indie Music February 2020

Katanak | Astronomy

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Modern Ties | Supernatural

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Bear’s Towers ” Silent Birds

Love their sound, love the video, but really really love his voice! Sing the yellow pages, please!

Alba | Mass Extinction

This song is one of the most original sounding songs we heard all month. We can’t get enough!

Best New Indie Music February 2020

Timo Schniering | Wide Wide Wings

A beautiful song!

Patrick Jonsson | Perfect Day

This one is just plain ole’ good fun!

Tidal Rave | Heart

Super fun song and video. Great sound!

Best New Indie Music February 2020

Camens | Handbrake

Love their sound and its a cool video too.

What Are You Waiting For | Isabelle Fries

Another incredibly talented young woman. We will be keeping an eye on her for sure.

Best New Indie Music February 2020

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