Best Not Broken | ‘Just a Game’ (Original)

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Best Not Broken playing their awesome song ‘Just a Game’ Live

What a performance! Best Not Broken shows why people love to watch them, their synergy on the stage is just pure magic!

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Best Not Broken Bio:

Boston’s Best Not Broken has built a reputation for high energy shows and catchy, power pop/rock original songs.  Drawing from Brit Pop, Alternative Rock, New Wave, and their own unique brand of singer-songwriter sensibility, the band crafts soundscapes that appeal to fans of artists ranging from The Killers to Ed Sheeran.  Their thoughtful and, at times amusing, lyrics match the upbeat nature of the instrumentation, creating a fresh musical odyssey that is infectiously fun.  Their live performances showcase the band’s contagious energy and often evolve into interactive dance parties where the onstage antics compel fans to rock out and let loose.

Best Not Broken | ‘Just a Game’ (Original)

As a 2016 New England Music Awards winner, Best Not Broken has earned radio airplay with “Tell Me That You Want Me”, “I Won’t Stop Loving You”, “Faster” and “Red Flags”, as well as the recently released “Kids”, which has garnered over 100,000 video views in only a few weeks.  The band has several videos to their credit, including the video-single “What The Night Has Left” and “Brain”.

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