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Don’t Wait Too Long

Blake Anthony Robson music gives us another thought-provoking anthem with his single Don’t Wait Too Long. This track might appear too simple for comprehension, except it actually runs deeper. The lyrics state a fact that we all may have never acknowledged. We do tend to lose opportunities, we lose time, and especially people waiting for something such as the “right time”. Waiting seems to be the most likely thing people do even at certainty, and most especially when people are unsure about things. What’s great about this track is that the lyrics are laid out plain and simple, and very direct, sung with suave that only Blake can pull off. This is one of Blake’s singles for the Folk/Americana album.

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Blake Anthony Robson Music

Blake Anthony Robson is a UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Showcasing his versatility in music, he takes influences from artists and bands such as The Strokes, Father John Misty, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Alex Ebert, Alt J, and many more.

Mainly revolving in Americana-inspired Folk were the focus of his debut album, The Monster’s Sleeping, and his second release, Mother’s On A Date Tonight. His third released album, Death in a Life Form shifted into an Indie Rock/Electronica/Synthwave.

Don’t Wait Too Long Lyrics

Blake Anthony Robson Music

Don’t wait, don’t wait, too long
Cause if you wait and it’s gone
Well then you’ve waited too long.

If you want her, then tell her right now
Cause if you wait and she’s gone
Well then you’ve waited too long.

And if you do hesitate
And you’ve left it too late.
Then tomorrow today will be gone

And if you’d pull your socks
And your heads not full of rocks
Then you might find some place to belong.

Don’t wait, don’t wait, too long
Cause if you wait and she’s gone
Well then you’ve waited too long.

Blake Anthony Robson Music

This Machine Is Emptied Daily

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This Machine Is Emptied Daily is a catchy-titled song. Blake Anthony Robson music gives us this thought-provoking track. The third single released for his upcoming fifth album, Signal Dilemma, the song touches on the electronic and alt pop-rock genre.

Inspired by a sign from a cash machine, this track provokes us to think and listen to what we truly feel. This has aroused an unconscious realization about how the artist often feels at the end of the day. It is the feeling of being empty with nothing more to give. A lot of people try to give and give. Yet, they only try to push away the feeling of being empty.

The different pressures that people go through usually cause us to ignore our true feelings. Being drained from expectations out of life, it is now normal to shut out what we truly feel and keep it hidden- until something that was seen, said, and done triggers those hidden emotions. This is what the track is trying to relay to the listeners. Give it a listen and let the lyrics speak what our true feelings say. Worth every push of that replay button.

Now working on his latest album, he features his flexibility in song writing with more thought-provoking music.

“If The Strokes had a lovechild with Nick Drake, but it was raised by Leonard Cohen, the kid would probably be Blake Anthony Robson.”

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