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This Break Fate music is about building a drive to push through the negativity and find your way in the darkness of life. The melody is tight and responsive to the balanced percussive moments. The song progression highlights the very clear vocals and obvious passion.

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How Break Fate Music Started

break fate music
Break Fate

Break Fate music is inspired by bands like Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts, and The Story So Far. They are formed in late 2017 by their lead vocalist Mashana and lead guitarist Ricky. Their beloved drummer Oliver later then joined the band after a couple of months. Like the final missing piece to a puzzle, the 3-man band was complete. Before 2020, the band has released two songs titled; “Miraculous” and “Blackout”. These songs are now ready to be unleashed through their debut album.

The album is packed with theme songs of growing up, self-doubt, heartbreak, and a dash of existential crisis. In addition to that, Break Fate music lit the flame with “Fire”, a very thunderous track about the current state of the world they are living in. This was then released in late February and has been streamed more than 12,000 times to date. By the 10th of April, they put out the song ‘Fog’ which is a punchy, joy ride, rock-anthem about overcoming your anxieties and self-doubt. After settling, the group opened the flood gates and released their debut album titled “Ferocity” on May 1st. The band is planning a tour around the UK in the late 2020 and early 2021.

Break Fate Music Original


Fire is off their debut LP of the same name. In this song, the band addresses climate change, political instability, and everything else going haywire on this planet we inhabit. Also, the song’s powerful vocals together with its unrelenting guitar and powerful drums serve to really emphasize the fears that we all feel. However, imprinting fear is not the song’s purpose but rather it is instilling hope.

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