Bryce Mauldin | I Broke Up with You

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Bryce Mauldin | I Broke Up with You

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Watch this awesome music video by Bryce Mauldin performing his single, I Broke Up with You. This trendy music video shows his artistry and his talent on singing. Make sure to watch the video until the end!

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Bryce Mauldin | I Broke Up with You

Hi, My name is Bryce Mauldin, 21 years old from a small town called Webster, FL. I raced amateur motocross my whole life, racing at a nationals level until I got addicted to music.

Bryce Mauldin | I Broke Up with You
Bryce Mauldin | I Broke Up with You

I got involved with music later in my life, in February of 2016 and introduced my voice to social media including my parents, family, and friends on May 2nd of 2016.

My first video did well as I continued to post more videos growing a larger audience and fans. After a year of posting, my first cover of “i can love you like that” went viral so far reaching over 9.1 million views and over 230K shares.

Bryce Mauldin | I Broke Up with You

I have now moved to Nashville, TN where I write almost everyday and make new friends. I just released my first single “All the Proof I Need” Independently and i can’t wait to hit the road and play a show near you!

Bryce comes from the small town of Webster, FL where there’s not a whole lot that goes on except for a farmers market every Monday.

He chased the dream of becoming a professional motocross racer for most of his life, until he began singing in 2016 where he took over Facebook and social media with his viral covers of classic country hits.

It didn’t take long before he made the move to Nashville, TN where he has released his first self titled EP with 5 songs, 4 of which he co wrote, and one outside song written by the Warren brothers and Jimmy Yeary.

The future looks bright for this kid and he’s fresh to the scene. Keep an eye out!

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