Bucket Pipe Drummer | EPIC!

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Amazing Bucket Pipe Drummer – Street Performance

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Watch this Bucket Pipe Drummer, El Loren, with an epic performance from the street. His skills are very unique and he always draws a crowd and leaves them happy. Furthermore, He only uses recycled materials as instruments, like Pipes and Buckets! How cool is that?

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Bucket Pipe Drummer | EPIC!

El Loren or a.k.a Lorenzo Mena is a Singer songwriter – one man band from Madrid. He is has been known for his amazing street performances using just recycled materials or just pipes. No loops, no machines, just all hand made instruments. Not to mention, He is on a European tour!

El-Loren is a not just a drummer. He is also a percussionist and composer based in Lille,France.

Bucket Pipe Drummer | EPIC!

The early days of bucket drumming, and what we do and don’t know

Bucket Pipe Drummer
Bucket Pipe Drummer

Narrowing down a street art like bucket drumming is a little like trying to find the first example of graffiti: There are examples all over the world of the art form, and the real “first” is probably undocumented. Some bucket drummers go as far back as the Civil War, when 13-year-old volunteers would play drums on their dinner buckets.

International examples abound, as well — drummer Frisner Augustin recalled playing on a plastic bucket during his childhood in Haiti in the 1950s and ’60s.

Bucket Pipe Drummer | EPIC!

Factored into that are considerations of when exactly plastic buckets were invented. As plastic became a more common material in the ’50s and ’60s, inventors like Earl Tupper (of Tupperware fame) helped plastic become more mainstream. Early patents, like this 1967 one for a plastic bucket, also helped, and people probably considered hitting them the second they bought one.

That said, American bucket drumming is surprisingly easy to track to one key person.



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