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Let us start with this Carry The Crown music titled ‘Horizons’. This is a good example of their own interpretation of today’s modern rock. Listen to how they sound and try to distinguish their uniqueness. I’m sure you will figure it out later once you have watched all the videos on this page.

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Discovering Carry The Crown Music

carry the crown music

Carry The Crown music is one of the newest energy-driven modern rock bands in the United Kingdom. They are known for their amazing stage performances in which they share their catchy and unique mix to modern rock. Later on their journey, they have gained popularity and started guesting on TVs such as BBC’s Radio 1 show.

They have continued to make music and finally released an EP in 2019. The band has achieved more than what they have expected in their first year. Ever since they started, their loyal fan base has been wanting more and more of what this band is making.

Carry The Crown music has worked with BBC network in UK which played a huge part in making them more popular through playing their tracks over several weeks. Carry The Crown also appeared on their studio shows twice.

Aside from BBC, this band is also working with a local independent clothing brand called “Scartissue” and have been constantly promoting the brand’s clothes and urban clothing line in general. Their affiliations with different companies in the United Kingdom doesn’t stop here. They have surely made a mark in UK’s music scene and I’m sure they will continue to become more popular.

Carry The Crown | Runaway

This Carry The Crown music is one of my favorites. I think that the melody of this song really represents today’s modern rock. In addition to that, this music video is also very nicely done with those light effects. Although it’s just a simple setup, still, it made the picture pop out even more.

Carry The Crown | Karma

By now you should know well about Carry The Crown music and figure out its unique sound. You know their music is Rock but there’s that party music vibe infused in it. That’s the beauty of modern music in general. There’s a ton of ways to be unique and Carry The Crown definitely one good example.

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