Chasing Da Vinci | Original Music Videos

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Chasing Da Vinci

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Watch this amazing Chasing Da Vinci official music video! This video is so cool cause of its own unique creativity and musicality. Their voices blend perfectly with their music and it’s so entertaining to watch! Therefore, be sure to stick around til the end and enjoy this cool music video!

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Chasing Da Vinci is an all sibling band who loves to create a not so typical kind of music they like to call “Acoustic-Pop”.

After winning a talent search contest on The CBS Early Show, they moved to Nashville to concentrate on their songwriting skills, musicianship and performances. This all sibling band is totally hands on and very creative when it comes to their music. Each has their own unique style yet they all blend so perfectly.

Chasing Da Vinci | Original Music Videos

Their band wants to spread their positive vibe to all the youth in this generation through their music. As a matter of fact, they have established quite a number of viewers and followers in YouTube and is currently using this media for sharing their music and in trying to create their mark in the music industry.

Chasing Da Vinci

Click this amazing music video of Bad Habits. They have Awesome harmonies and unique sound that makes their songs so good to listen to. This video is monochromatic but artistic in its own way! Therefore, watch this video and see what Bad habits music video is all about!

Chasing Da Vinci

Watch this fun and funky video of Everything’s alright. They did a great job in this brilliant music video with so much color and creativity. Their really young-talented artists who are having fun while making music. This is another music video you should not miss watching! What are you waiting for? Subscribe to their channel and enjoy this awesome music video!

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