Colours In The Street Music | 4 Fresh Tracks To Check Out!

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I Feel Alive

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Colours In The Street music is really stepping up their game in this one! A very catchy song! The song title really matches the tune itself. When you listen to this, there’s a big chance you’ll feel somewhat of a refreshment. It is because they added the elements of reggae into their pop style of singing. This has to be my personal favorite now!

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About Colours In The Street Music

colours in the street music
Colours in the Street

Colours In The Street music is about being part of the movement of a massive and powerful pop music making up for big stages. Since they released their first album Royaume, the band has continued to mold themselves in France and made more international appearances. They have toured around France in some of the biggest festivals such as Francofolies, Printemps de Bourges, Fnac Live, Festival de Poupet, La Nuit de l’Erdre, Free Music Festival with almost 200 concerts on the clock. This band settles permanently in the French musical landscape and has performed on many different prestigious stages such as Olympia in Paris as well as going outside the country like China and South Korea.

More Colours In The Street Music
Comedy Club

If you are someone who likes to dance, somebody from the 90s, or just simply want some good vibes, this is a song you might want to add in your playlist. It has a very retro and 90s feel to it. It also gives us the beat of Disco music which is awesome! Colours in the Street music is truly a talented group of musicians.


Colours in the Street music video for their single “Somebody” is the first from this group who offers a strong and catchy melody. “Somebody” is a song that is unifying pop, electro, and rock music. Its tones make up the richness of the group’s repertoire. This music video shows all 4 of them in an explosive realization of colors in which the universe is revealed. The colors also reflect the title of their upcoming album “All the Colors”. They truly emphasize the style of music they do on this music video.


Another fresh track off Colour in the Street music collection is “Sorry” which is a melancholy piece that is interpreted in the language of Shakespeare. This song tells a story of love between two people in which everything around them opposes.

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