Conrad Ashton Music | Celebrate Life- A Track About Appreciating Life

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Celebrate Life

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Feel-good exactly describes Conrad Ashton music with his single Celebrate Life. It’s a modern rock but rooted in classic pop-rock. This track makes us reflect on all the good things and appreciating life. With its upbeat tune, it does pick your mood from gloomy into a cheery spirit. This music video really puts us in great vibes.

It’s infectious, fun, and very genuine! He sings the line “One day, dreams they’re gonna all come true” in a way that is actually believable and inspiring. It is an invitation to make the most out of life and be the best that you can be! This track’s message is very clear and direct, with the repetitive mention of ‘celebrate life’, from title and throughout the lyrics.

The change in tempo is quite interesting as it was unforeseen, which makes the track otherwise unique. This song is a perfect match for fun times and celebrations in life.

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Conrad Ashton Music

Conrad’s life changed forever when he was 9 years old after witnessing Pete Townsend on stage at Live 8. It was then when he decided to make music and soon learned to play the guitar. At 11 years old, he was already writing his own songs, developing a style that is uniquely his own. He was one of those who did the 9-5 grind and music had been his outlet from his struggles with depression and anxiety. His music is inspired by genuineness and a lot of passion. ‘Conrad has an undying belief in himself and his music, and hopes to inspire and entertain’.

Conrad Ashton Music

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