Curtis Walsh Music | 4 Emotional Tunes For October

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Almost The Same

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Curtis Walsh Music is an artist who truly deserves some hearing. His songs are amazing such as this one. ‘Almost The Same’ is a masterpiece that is captivating with its skillful guitar work.

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Curtis Walsh Music History

Curtis Walsh Music
Curtis Walsh

Curtis is a 20-year-old artist from Ireland. He currently has over 15 million streams in his Spotify channel which is quite a great achievement for his debut EP: Breathe. Curtis Walsh music is poised to be a major breakthrough in the coming years. This has been molded from the early stages of his career as he became champion by outlets such as CLASH, KOALA and numerous other tastemakers worldwide.

Curtis Walsh has 4 singles to date and has been on hit charts of different streaming sites. His songs are also being aired on BBC Radio 2, Amazing Radio, and several prominent Irish stations.

More Curtis Walsh Music


A very powerful and emotional track by Curtis Walsh music. ‘Midnight’ is pop-driven and full of harmony. The piano really brings out the flavor in this one. Listen and enjoy the music video!

Seven Seas

‘Seven Seas’ is a song that brings out the Pop side of Curtis Walsh music. I somewhat feel a very early Justin Bieber vibe in this one yet still with a different approach. Get hooked with the catchy tune and sing along this lyrics music video.

Full Recovery

This fourth one in our list is ‘Full Recovery’ which is a song about empathy towards those thoughts and feelings that are entirely focused on the people around and cares about you.

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