Daniel John Music | Sudden Spring (EP)

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Endless Mountains

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Daniel John music will soothe an aching heart. In this chaotic world we are currently in, one can only wish for the peace and calm from the beauty of the landscapes. The title of the track, Endless Mountains, will let you imagine being in that peaceful place in the mountains. Hearing the music brings you to an even better state, letting you feel the serenity and detachment from all the chaos within you and from the rest of the world.

Endless Mountains is a song that relates the artist’s connection to the region that he is from. This song refers to the soft hills in the Northeastern region of the Appalachian Mountain Range.  The artist wonders if the landscapes surrounding him also wish for simpler times the same way he does.

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Daniel John Music

Sudden Spring

Be captured in enchantment from this track titled Sudden Spring. Its dreamy melody will take you afloat. It is built around a guitar part that was created while the artist was stuck at home. In this track, he talks about love and hope that can still be felt and found in the middle of uncertainties. It is the representation of his affection towards his partner and at the same time represents the tenderness of spring.

It revolves around a positive feeling despite the negative turn of events, being out of work, and coming plans falling apart. “In all the good and bad there’s still something to be hopeful about. There’s still peace to be found. Everything still feels like a beginning”. Feel tranquil and be emotionally carried away by this soothing Daniel John music. Best listened with headphones on and eyes closed.

Smallmouth Bass

Spring is a season of new beginnings. It is nature flourishing life back, a sign that it has survived through winter. Smallmouth Bass is a track that is symbolic of spring. It reminds the artist of the Susquehanna River that flows through his hometown. This instrumental perfectly gives a picture of the river smoothly flowing. The flowing sound of bubbling water interpreted through the thick and low notes of guitar strings and trickles of water heard through the higher notes of the strings.

Behind the continuously flowing river is the devastation it has endured over time from coal mining pollution. Evidence of the river and the ecosystem attempting to survive was the recovery of a Smallmouth Bass in the river with rare cancer.

Daniel John Music

At The Big River Flat

Listen to sounds of frogs, crickets, and the different creatures singing together in this track called At The Big River Flat. This instrumental is a translation of how alive “The Wyoming Valley” becomes every early spring. “The Wyoming Valley” is the common reference to Wyoming, the place where the artist is from. He tries to show in this track how energetic life returns after the long, silent winter. Nature is perfectly described through this Daniel John music.

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