David Owens Original Song – ‘Pretty’

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David Owens Original Song – ‘Pretty’

David Owens original song ‘Pretty’ – A remarkable performance

Watch David Owens street performance of an original song entitled ‘Pretty’. It is a beautiful performance and he pours his soul into it.

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David Owens Original Song – ‘Pretty’

David Owens
David Owens

Born in Scotland but moving to Ireland at age seven, David has always been musical. Playing the piano from the age of five, and later teaching classical piano to children to help pay his way through university. He received a Bachelors’s degree in Mathematics and worked for one year as a Software Engineer at a large American company.

David then took to the road with two friends in a bid to see the world before settling down to “real life”. They lived in a camper-van together, and began busking simply as a way to try to earn a little extra cash to extend their trip. David fell in love with the art of street performance, and soon was living solely from the tips he received when playing in France and Germany.

David Owens Original Song – ‘Pretty’

Six years later, David has played in over forty cities around the world. He is still unsigned and independent, loving the freedom this lifestyle brings. – From his website



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