Disney Medley 40 FINGERS (Official Video)

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Disney Medley by 40 FINGERS – (Official Video)

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Disney Medley by 40 FINGERS – Amazing Official Video

Sensational Disney Medley by 40 FINGERS. Click to watch this Amazing Official Video of four guitarists playing an awesome Disney medley. They are fantastic musicians and give us a fun trip down memory lane as they play all our Disney favorites. Support 40 Fingers by visiting their social networks below:

Support 40 Fingers below:

Subscribe to their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG9jtMR395qXeK6G6AQkxRw
Follow 40 fingers on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/40fingersguitarquartet/
Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/40fingersguitarquartet/

Disney Medley 40 FINGERS (Official Video)


40 Fingers is an italian guitar quartet born in 2017 from four artists with entirely different musical background and each well-established on Italy’s music scene through their many individual projects.

“40 Fingers” are Matteo Brenci (Jack Savoretti, Elisa, Jake Barker, The Topix), Emanuele Grafitti (Canto Libero), Enrico Maria Milanesi (Kythara Trio) and Andrea Vittori (The Winged Leaves). The original line-up formed in 2017 with guitarist Marco Steffè (with whom the band released the first album “40 Fingers” available on all digital platforms) lasted until October 2019 when Enrico Maria Milanesi joined the band in his place.

Disney Medley 40 FINGERS (Official Video)

These four guitar players are set on a mission to explore new galaxies of sound with a wide repertoire of original pieces and covers, which they perform in the fingerpicking technique and skillfully arranged for four guitars. Their musical treat based on the reinterpretation of a range of modern music classics, is equally at home in the styles of jazz and of Latin American music, creating a mesmerizing experience that brings the audience from popular movie scores to jazz, from Astor Piazzolla to the Beatles, from Eagles to Toto, from Dire Straits to Eric Clapton, all perfectly merged with their unique style and their original work and compositions. Click here to see clip of one of their last shows in Italy.

Disney Medley 40 FINGERS (Official Video)

After successfully releasing their music on the internet, causing a sensation with the rearrangement of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen which now counts almost 5 million views on YouTube and 10 million views on Facebook, plus being recently highlighted by the official Queen website thanking them for creating such a lovely version of their famous tune, the passion that these four guitar players share for the world of film and film music has led them to a series of interesting covers of famous film scores, among which are the two key themes written by John Williams for Star Wars directed by George Lucas – the Main Theme and Imperial March medley that has been viewed more than one million times on Facebook.

Other videos on their Youtube page include covers of Astor Piazzolla’s famous tune “Libertango”, the “Game of Thrones” soundtrack, “The Last of the Mohicans” soundtrack, a medley of classic Disney songs, Antonio Vivaldi’s “Estate” from The Four Seasons and they are planning to release many more new arrangements ranging from classic rock hits to movie soundtracks and classical music.
40 Fingers are now eager for touring with the intent to capture and hypnotize the audience across all world.

Disney Medley 40 FINGERS (Official Video)



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