Driftwood Music | 3 of their best original Song videos

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Kicking it off in this Driftwood music selection is “L.I.O.” with a calm acoustic guitar but mixed with wild vocals. I think the style mixed perfectly and made this song a really good one. This is a song written in the midst of a pandemic while missing someone so badly.

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Driftwood Music Bio

Driftwood Music

Driftwood music originated in Manchester, United Kingdom, and is composed of Hugh Aitchison, Nathan Walker & Marcus Maddock. Their music style is of pop with a fun, upbeat, and accessible approach that everyone can enjoy. They bring a clean sound that gives contrast with edgy vibes while bringing energetic and lively performances to every show they go to.

This trio is composed of great musicians and with sublime lead vocals from Hugh, they make their live performances something that their audience can really remember. These guys have been making music together for about 2 years now and constantly honing their sound and craft while releasing their music. Driftwood music has created a lush sounding and pop-rock sound which has been further developed and enhanced through working together with RYP Recordings.


This next song has gone viral on Tik Tok, a very popular social media among millenials today. This music video is very well-produced and it really reflects the vibes of the song. It gives me a head-banging and dancing feeling. I think this is a very nice morning music to wake you up happy. Driftwood music giving good vibes!


36Ghost – a song title that is very unusual. It is about relationship arguments and their effects on our mental being. Anxiety can be also a cause of bad things and may sometimes lead to very unfortunate events. Listen to this song and put in the comments below what you think it is about. Did you like our Driftwood music selection?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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