Ed Clute Pianist | 3 Best Performances of the Viral Piano Man

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Sweet Georgia Brown

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Watch Ed Clute – the Pianist, as he masterfully play the song “Sweet Georgia Brown” on piano. He is unbelievably good and is a totally gifted musician. A native of Watkins Glen, New York, Ed Clute has been playing piano since the age of three. He attended the Batavia School for the Blind where he learned how to read Braille music.

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Sweet Georgia Brown lyrics

Well let me tell you well no chick made
Could be the same
As Sweet Georgia Brown
Crazy feet that dance so neat
Has sweet Georgia Brown

Fella’s sigh, and even cry
For sweet Georgia Brown
I tell you just why
You know I don’t lie
It’s been said
She knocks them dead

In any old town
Since she came right
It’s a shame
How she brings them down

In any old town
Since she came right
It’s a shame
How she brings them down

Songwriters: Ben Bernie / Kenneth Casey / Maceo Pinkard

Ed Clute Pianist performing “Honeysuckle Rose”

In this video, check out his amazing show warm-up featuring “Honeysuckle Rose” performed at Statler Auditorium, Cornell University last June 5, 2014. As a pianist, Ed Clute spent his summer time during the years of 1964-1968 enrolled at the Amherst Summer Music Center where he studied Music History and was also a pupil of the late Edwin Hymovitz.

Ed Clute Pianist

Ed Clute featured at Weny TV News

In our third video, this shows a news clip from Weny TV featuring the world class pianist Ed Clute. He recently dropped by the Hudson Manor in his hometown in order to tune up the piano. Eventually, this video took off and became a hit in the internet. Watch now!



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