Fifth Phoenix Music | 3 Twisted Pop-Rock Songs

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A very inspiring song brought to us by Fifth Phoenix music. Its lyrics really brings a message of unity and strength. In this time of struggle, we all know that there should no more room for more chaos. It is always best to keep ourselves strong and stand in our own feet.

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Fifth Phoenix Music History

fifth phoenix music
Fifth Phoenix

Fifth Phoenix music originated in Dallas, Texas and is composed of a dynamic four-piece band. They blend the nostalgia of classic rock with pop-infused subtleties. They started in 2019 when they went to compete in the Wildflower Music Festival Battle of the Bands.

Fifth Phoenix features frontman Griffin Holtby, guitarist Collin Katz, bassist Willy Oakley, and drummer Kyle Gershon. After being successful at Wildflower, the band earned immediate attantion and quickly began making their sound and ambitions. After months of doing experiments and writing songs, the band released it’s debut single called “Anyways” in February of 2020. The band is said to be hoping to bridge the divided scene between rock and pop, delivering consistent good music and wild shows.


To some people, Fifth Phoenix music sounds like Fall Out Boy or Panic The Disco. I have to say that I completely agree and I think they are as good as those bands too! This song is really good especially that guitar solo part!


Now, this song is a perfect example of flexibility and versatility. From the previous songs we featured for Fifth Phoenix music collection, this song sounds different. This is more like into slow ballad or blues type of song with a strong burst of rock at the later part. This is my personal favorite so far!

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