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Welcome to our journey of the Top 3 Flower Dance Piano Covers. This instrumental song is by DJ Okawari who is an independent DJ, composer and record producer from Japan. The name Okawari comes from the Japanese word ‘okawari’ which means ‘seconds’ as he is “always seeking something new to challenge”. He has released seven studio albums since 2008 with piano instrumental being a theme in his music. DJ Okawari is guided by the theme ‘coexistence of music and life’, conveying his feelings through sound.

Flower Dance Lyrics

Flower Dance Piano

This is the purpose of changing
Hydrogen into breathable oxygen
And they are necessary here…
As the air is on earth.
But I still say… they’re flowers.
If you like…
Do you sell them?
I am afraid Not.
But… maybe we can make a deal.

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Sakurai Hiroto / Tabeyellow
Flower Dance lyrics © Space Shower Networks Inc.

Top 3 Flower Dance Piano Covers

High School Boy’s (Lune Music) Amazing Flower Dance – Street Piano

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Watch Lune Music busking in Korea playing Flower Dance piano cover. He mesmerizes the crowd with his masterful playing and is one talented musician. He pours out his passion for music into playing the piano and is very evident in his performance. His great talent is deserving to be shared and he does it through busking. Therefore, be sure and watch the video all the way through.


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Watch this awesome Flower Dance piano cover from Pianicast. When they said music is not to hear but to feel, this time we know what they mean. This music brings us different emotions with it’s slow and fast play. It is more raw, hearing only the piano, compared to the original that has several layers of percussion and sounds grand and still beautiful. The lights also look awesome and feels like watching fireworks. This adds a really beautiful effect to this pleasing performance.

Top 3 Flower Dance Piano Covers

Hiroyuki Kosuga

Watch Hiroyuki Kosuga in his video for Flower Dance piano cover. What is so noticeable other than the beautiful music is how light and graceful this artist’s hands are. It reflects how light one feels hearing this really awesome music. Piano music always puts the listener in the mode of deep thought. Like it demands us to listen and feel it. This is exactly what the composer of the song aims for his listeners.

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That concludes our journey through the Top 3 Flower Dance piano covers. We hope you enjoyed a wonderful time with these artists. Do you have a favorite? Is there a cover song that we missed and you think should be included in our list? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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