Happy Freuds Music | 3 Unique Original Songs from this Talented Band

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We were excited to see a new song by Happy Freuds! “Why” was our first taste and it whetted our appetite for more. When we hit play we were not sure what to expect, but we could tell immediately that the winds were changing and we better hang on. Now, this is Rock N Roll! It has all the energy, guitars and fun that we have been itching for!!! Again please 🙂

Happy Freuds Music came to life in 2014 and are a young guy’s multinational rock band from Javea, Spain. They Reached Number ONE for Rock Bands at Reverbnation in Spain and Won the MontgoRock Competition in 2017. “Break” is the cool new song that they just released, this song is very special as they still found a creative way to get together and shoot this video even in Lock-Down. They’ve done an awesome job with this song and still manage to make it fun and enjoyable to listen.

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Happy Freuds Music | 3 Best Original Songs Ever


“Why” is a song that you can’t help but love, it has different sounds from emotional to rock that makes this song special. The message of the song is beautiful so make sure to check out this music video! A big thumbs up and a job well done to Happy Freuds. We honestly can’t wait to see more of your new songs!

Happy Freuds Music | 3 Best Original Songs


We can’t get enough on their songs so allow us to share with you another cool original song from Happy Freuds, You can really feel their energy running to this song and the way they performed it is absolutely great. They are a band with huge potential so be sure and support them below. Thank you for for supporting Indie music.

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