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Artist of the Month for May 2020

Congratulations to HeartMouth … our “Artist of the Month” for May 2020.

HeartMouth is one of those bands that you can count on to put out awesome music with every new release. They have quickly become one of our favorites and regulars on our monthly “Best New Songs of the Month.” We think more people need to hear their music and are proud to share it with the world. We recently had the opportunity to ask them a few questions and we are grateful for their support.

HeartMouth Music

NEM: We are living in some pretty crazy times. How have you been holding up during the worldwide lockdown? What have been the biggest personal challenges and how have you been keeping busy? Have you been able to continue to write and rehearse together?

HeartMouth: It’s honestly been a roller coaster. Like most people, we have our good days and our bad days. Some days are a success to just get out of bed and merely exist, and other days are full of productivity, creativity, and collaboration (albeit remotely). I think the biggest challenge has been the adaptation of having more time on our hands to be creative, but feeling overwhelmed by the world events going on and making it hard to stay creative. In a perfect world, we would have written dozens of songs during this time, but we only focused on one. It’s the most important song we’ve ever written though, we think. It all balances out.


NEM: You guys are from North Carolina, can you tell us a little about how you came together as a band?
HeartMouth: We all live in small towns and communities within a few minutes of each other, so word gets out pretty quick, haha. When I got sick of HeartMouth being a solo project and posted about wanting to expand, Tyler and Harrison hopped on board and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

NEM: We love “Just Tomorrow.” It is a song about self-discovery, and is a song that everyone can relate to. What does the song mean to you? Is it reflective of your own journey?

HeartMouth: Thank you! It’s definitely reflective. I think we all have been at a point before where we realized that were capable of being better than what we were at the time, and we eventually get to a point where we’re ready to play that wild card and begin the journey to become better. With that journey comes change. Even if the change is for the better, it can still be scary – and we all just want the ones we love to stick with us through thick and thin as we develop.

HeartMouth Music – “Just Tomorrow”

HeartMouth – “Just Tomorrow”

NEM: There is definitely a melting pot of genres and musical elements going on in your music. What kind of musical tastes and backgrounds do the band members come from? Are there any notable influences that you share?

HeartMouth: One of the easiest things that a band should be able to do is define the genre of music that they create, and it’s honestly the hardest and most stressful part of this project to me, haha. We really just stick the ‘alt-pop’ title to our name because that’s the closest we can come to a recognizable genre. We all have a rock-oriented upbringing. I’ve always been infatuated with the singer-songwriter style of writing. We also love pop/hip hop productions. HeartMouth is hopefully the best of all of those things mixed together.

NEM: What does the song writing process look like for the band? Has it changed over time?
HeartMouth: It literally changes with every song, and that keeps it from getting stale to me. ‘Just Tomorrow’ started as a guitar lick that our bassist Harrison wrote, and it instantly took form from there and we all pitched in where we needed to. Sometimes, I’ll get a random vocal melody in my head first. Other times, someone else will write a riff and send it my way. At times, I won’t have an idea at all, and I’ll just sit down with a guitar/piano/synth and see what comes out. The biggest way that it has changed over time is simply the evolution from HeartMouth being a solo gig to being a collaborative band effort.

HeartMouth Band
“Worth It” – by HeartMouth

NEM: You have a new song “I Think the World is on Fire” coming out on on May 8th. You seem pretty excited about it, what do we have to look forward to?

HeartMouth – “I Think the World is on Fire”

The song encompasses the spirit of people coming together during scary times, being vulnerable about it, and making something beautiful out of it.

HeartMouth: Oh man, I’m seriously more proud and excited over this song than anything I’ve ever done. Even if it winds up flopping, it just means so much to me – it’s breathtaking from start to end. We hope everyone is down for a nearly six-minute-long song, haha. It just took that long to tell the story. It came from being in quarantine and just adapting to the whole pandemic. My girl is an EMT and has had to handle covid-positive patients, so we had to isolate from each other in our own home given my history of lung issues, and this song came from being confined to my little studio room. We wanted to prove that even during isolation, art and collaboration will still move forward. We have both friends and strangers-now-turned-friends playing roles on this song, and it just feels so much bigger than HeartMouth itself. The song encompasses the spirit of people coming together during scary times, being vulnerable about it, and making something beautiful out of it.

NEM: The music business can be brutal at times, who have been your biggest encouragers and is there anything you want to say to those who have supported you along the way?
HeartMouth: BRU-TAL. Honestly, we just try to keep our head down and do our thing without worrying too much about what people think of us. Anyone who listens to us and supports us is what drives us to always keep pushing and to try and make the next release better than the last. Never Enough Music has always been so good to us, as well as a lot of the people in our local music community. Thank you for helping us keep what little sanity we have left in the music industry, haha <3

HeartMouth Interview
HeartMouth – “Be Alright”

NEM: I know it’s hard to do much planning right now, but other than the new song coming out soon, is there anything else in the works you can share with us?

HeartMouth: Oh for sure! We’re super bummed that we can’t play shows because we were really planning to start booking heavily in April, and welp…y’all know the rest. However, we were still finishing up a few other songs before the apocalypse happened and we’re still writing new stuff, so our schedule of releasing new music every 6-8 weeks hasn’t slowed down a bit!

HeartMouth – “Sincere” Acoustic Version

We at NeverEnoughMusic want to thank HeartMouth Music for taking the time to share with us and we can’t wait for their new song! Be sure to keep up with them and support them below:

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