Highway To Hell cover | Best covers

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Highway To Hell cover | Best covers

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Watch this electrifying Highway To Hell cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya. This awesome duo’s combined talents make their songs so full of energy and full of artistry. They make Rock songs so relaxing to listen to. What are you waiting for click now and see what this video is about!

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Highway To Hell cover | Best covers

highway to hell cover

Highway to hell was originally made popular and sang by an Iconic Australian Rock Band of the late 70’s – AC/DC. The members were vocalist Dave Evans, lead guitarist Angus Young, rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young (his older brother), bassist Larry Van Kriedt and drummer Colin Burgess.

It was 1979 when the recording of this song took place at the Roundhouse Studios in Chalk Farm, north London. The band surprisingly spent three months to perfect this album, this song included, when they have never spent more than three weeks on any of their other albums.

Highway to hell was one of the tracks included in their 6th studio album that was also released in 1979 and also happened to be the album title.

Highway To Hell cover | Best covers

Highway to hell | Smokin Aces

Watch another awesome cover of this song. The singer’s voice is just unbelievably energizing and so pleasing to listen to. She hits all the high notes with power and she plays her guitars so well. Be sure to click this and appreciate this great cover!

Highway to hell cover | Best covers

Jess Greenberg

Watch this great cover from Jess Greenberg. She did an acoustic version of this Rock n Roll song and it sure sounded as electrifying as the original. Her voice really shines and she is absolutely entertaining to watch! Click and enjoy this video


Watch this amazing instrumental Highway to hell video cover. This is just a performance you totally don’t want to miss! So much energy and artistry. The cello players were just amazing and perfect! Go ahead, click and see this Highway to hell video and let’s Rock n Roll!

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