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HiRSH Music | 2 Danceable Electronic Tunes NeverEnoughMusic.com

HiRSH Music | 2 Danceable Electronic Tunes

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Hirsh Music delivers this awesome electronic danceable song called “Clover” which probably is also one of the smartest way to create music videos during this time of pandemic. The song has a catchy lyrics with an overall dance vibe which of course is along the influence of pop.

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HiRSH Music Bio

Hirsh Music
Hirsh Music

Hirsh music is an Indie-pop three-man band hailing from the streets of Los Angeles. They started their journey within an every-shaky music industry with their chill anthem and electrifying beats. They produce songs that will surely make you groove right along and sing their lyrics as if you feel every word of it. This brand is a group of people who confront their bad habits and translate them into songs.

If you wish to know more about this band or follow their activities, it is best you check out their socials especially on Facebook. They constantly post updates about their music, share photos, post video clips and even go live streaming.

Hirsh Music

“Nobody” is a Hirsh music that will electrify your bones as they shoot their voices like neon light sticks from the heels to the head. Later on, you will unwittingly find yourself riding the groove to this very nice song.

I personally will be following the journey of this band. I liked how their indie-pop electronic music sound and the upbeats surely gives me the tune to groove! These are some of the songs that when you play in the morning, you’ll surely see the rest of the day on a better and more positive way.

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