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Favourite Phrase

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I like how I’m No Chessman made the intro in this song. Starting with a piano and then a comes a progressive rock guitar riffs. It is a good mixture and play of sounds which makes a very catchy vibe. This the first pick in our three-song collection, ‘Favourite Phrase’.

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I’m No Chessman Bio

im no chessman
I’m No Chessman

The sound of I’m No Chessman is like the combined sound of Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, and Queen of the Stone Age. Worry not if you think you don’t know who they are because you have come in the right spot and we will make you experience their music! The band is from Bournemouth, UK and they have been working their way up into the alternative-rock world with a very noticeable thud.

They have released an EP in 2018 which was very much loved by their audience which has set a high standard for emerging artists. The sound combination of very energetic guitars, powerful drumming, and effortless vocals makes the overall capability of the band.

More I’m No Chessman Songs

Let It Burn

This song by I’m No Chessman ‘Let It Burn’ is something that’s really gaining a buzz due to its unique sound. It’s a very unusual melody and fast tempo which almost sound psychedelic in a way. However, this is a true example of authentic harmony of all musical instruments still continues to produce the best songs today. The juxtaposition of piano and guitar in this song already tells you a story. If you listen deeper to its lyrics, it shows the downfall of a person’s reality.

This Medicine

Of all the three songs we have featured in this post, ‘This Medicine’ is probably the loudest. But I have to say this is my favorite! I love the headbanging melody that flows from the intro throughout the entire song. If you are into some fast-paced rock with a taste of piano and chest-pounding vocals, you should check out I’m No Chessman music. Which song is your favorite?

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