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Jennings Couch Music | 4 Tracks Of Self-Expression

Jennings Couch Music | 4 Tracks Of Self-Expression

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You Taste Like Water

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First off in this Jennings Couch music selection is the official music video for the song “You Taste Like Water”. The band said that they were totally clueless that in shooting this video, they will be having ice cream thrown at them. Moreover, the band said that this part shows a reference for the lyrics “You taste like water, you’re so vanilla, my favourite colour”. The band said it may have looked really nice on camera but the mess it left was a headache.

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Jenning Couch Music Bio

Jennings Couch Music
Jennings Couch

Born in the wilderness of New York City, raised in a rural area of England, got self-made on the streets of London, Jennings Couch music has made its way in the world of music. Ever since a child, he was already writing and at the age of 7, he wrote his first song. All throughout the years, his talent has gone on to create a unique alternative voice in the scene. At the beginning of 2017, Jennings Couch started to perform at gigs and within a matter of short 3 months, he was on his way to Austin, Texas to claim his award for ‘Best Song in Show’. It surely is a great way to start off a career!

Moreover, in 2017, he started playing gigs and festivals all around the United Kingdom including Lechlade Festival, Cornbury Festival, Liverpool Sound City, and Putney Boat Race Street Festival. In addition to that, he also performed at SXSW 2017 and the 2017 Silk Road Indie Music Festival in Chengdu, China. Jennings Couch music utilizes a pitch-perfect harmonization and anthemic arrangments which provides rich and varied soundscapes to his fans. As a result, his music is very much compared to Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and Imagine Dragons.

Jennings Couch Music

Chemical Roulette

“A song about the toxic monotony of the age we live in.” A short yet long enough to explain such a nice song. This is a part of this Jennings Couch music selection because I think its message tells us listeners what we should realize about our daily lives.

Where Did You Come From?

Jennings Couch music is really bringing out songs about things that most people experience. This is ‘Where Did You Come From?’, a song that he said is about what’s right and wrong, or what’s good or evil. Clearly, it is about our inner self where sometimes we think that there’s another being controlling us. This is also something about mental health issues that a lot of us have.

Alive In Paradise

Last but not the least in this Jennings Couch music selection is ‘Alive In Paradise’. Jennings said that this is all about taking a positive spin on the battle between self-confidence and social pressures.

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