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Jon Robert Hall Music | 4 Songs About Love, Earth, and Childhood

Jon Robert Hall Music | 4 Songs About Love, Earth, and Childhood

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So Close

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Let’s begin this Jon Robert Hall music selection with ‘So Close’, a song that’s about being in love with someone whom you have already known for a long time as a friend and couldn’t believe that you have reached a point where you both love each other intimately.

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Jon Robert Hall Music Bio

Jon Robert Hall Music
Jon Robert Hall

From the land of Thousand Oakes, California, Jon Robert Hall music started when he was in high school. Playing in a punk rock band, Jon started writing songs and basically made a first step in pursuing a career. Along with his interest in music, he managed to be a part of a group which recorded the background vocals on a Michael Jackson record called ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’. As a result, this made him opportunities to sing on over 100 other movies, shows, and artist soundtracks as a background vocalist. Going back to his high school life, he was a scholar in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for playing football and major in music. He suffered an injury during his senior year and got addicted to Vicodin, Norco, and Oxy.

There came a day when he booked a TV show called Glee and was on it for about 3 years. In addition to that, he also got engaged in Rock of Ages and was able to play Stacee Jaxx, the washed-up rockstar. Trials have come Jon’s way. He got sober from narcotics, and got a divorce. However, he started writing songs for himself and flew to Nashville once very month for over two years to write with some of the most wonderful writers in the area. Moreover, he was able to break a deal of playing a lead role in Wicked, The Musical as Fiyero and then later on released his first ever single ‘Young’ in March 2019. Jon’s life is quite a roller coaster ride but his determination kept him moving forward.

John Robert Hall Music

Rain In California

Now this is a track that may give you a bit of grooving! You should watch this music video and enjoy! ‘Rain in California’ is a Jon Robert Hall music we choose to add because of its happy tune.

7 Wonders

This next song is a dedication. It tells us about how lucky we are to be living in this amazing planet and how we should be thankful for it. Jon Robert Hall music is giving us a taste of reality in this one and I personally love it! Go ahead and listen and feel uplifted or get inspired!


The title explains the song very well. It talks about how we were when we were young and how stupid yet happy we can be. Clearly, this is a song that speaks about how someone misses being young, being free from responsibilities and obligations, and being right even when we are wrong. In short, this song wishes to tell us that our childhood is the best days of our lives.

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