Jordan Red Music | 2 great tracks from the new Alt-metal duo

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Don’t Let the Heavens Fall

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Awesome Jordan Red music video for their song Don’t Let the Heavens Fall. It’s a call for everyone to act and rise up against forces that threaten to tear down our civilization as we know it. This lyric video just clearly highlights what the song is about. The dragon that appears to be destroying everything, in a deeper sense, is a reflection of greed, corruption, and malice of those forces tearing us down. With its lyrics and riff-loaded instrumental, the song is definitely soundtrack-worthy. Picture out a hero ready to fight off a group of villains around him, and with this track played, we know the hero wins the battle. Give the song a listen and you’ll surely be looking forward to the rest of the music that this band is coming up with.

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Jordan Red Music

Jordan Red is an Alt-metal duo from London founded by frontman Daniel Leigh and guitarist Dan Baker in 2019. They are new to the metal scene but already making a name for themselves. With the release of 2 singles that would ultimately form their autumn debut Hands that Built the World, they come to prove that their music is worth the listen.

Their music is a powerful, anthemic sound that emphasizes “big riffs and even bigger choruses”.

Jordan Red Music

Beautiful Monsters

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Watch Beautiful Monsters music video by Jordan Red. Vocalist, Dan Leigh, said that the song “addresses the conflict created by those that fill our lives with chaos as they seek to divide us“. And that in the middle of all these, he still hopes that we will be rising against the tragedies that the world faces. The track gives a lot of hope. With an impactful message and awesome music, this song is sure to invade your playlist and is up for constant replay. Check it out now!



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