K Phillips Coal Burner – original song

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K Phillips with original song ‘Coal Burner’

Watch K Phillips coal burner. An original song that is soothing and chill. Their voice blends perfectly with the sound of their strums. Be sure to watch this awesome original song all the way til the end!

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K Phillips’ life has been like a country song. Born in West Texas and raised by his grandparents in the Concho Valley, K’s grandfather was both a cattle rancher and a criminal court judge. His mother was a radio disc jockey who named her only son after her favorite Texan, Kris Kristofferson. K began playing guitar at age 5 and began writing songs at 6. At age 18 he lost both his best friend and his girlfriend in two separate drowning instances. In the wake of these tragedies, music understandably took on a deeper resonance. It became how he processed life and heartache.

K Phillips ‘Coal Burner’ – original song

k phillips coal burner
K Phillips

K’s first release, American Girls, garnered accolades from the likes of No Depression, Buffalo News, and Daytrotter for its blend of the literate and the lowdown. Many of these publications spotlighted a mythical essence about K, remarking about his mainstay Stetson hat, his chiseled Hank Williams-esque good looks, and a character quality that’s both vulnerable and reckless.

Dirty Wonder (Rock Ridge Music), from his latest album, out March 10, 2017, is a breakup record that’s part autobiographical, part imagined, and part observational, chronicling a third-party breakup K witnessed firsthand. It’s a redemptive album, brimming with clever allusions, pent-up sexual tension, and loveable roguish characters. The album was produced by award-winning songwriter Gordy Quist of The Band of Heathens and features a vocal cameo from Adam Duritz from Counting Crows.

K Phillips ‘Coal Burner’ – original song

The swaggering “18 Year Old Girls” snapshots the more comical elements of finding your footing after a breakup. “In that song, the guy is talking to a girl much younger than him, and realizes they have nothing to talk about,” K shares, laughing good-naturedly. “It’s embarrassing.” The crunchy backwater shuffle, title track “Dirty Wonder,” replete with barrelhouse piano, oozes temptation. It’s the struggle of being in something that you want to have last forever but experiencing a little jolt of “what’s behind door number two” impulsivity. The stately “Rom Com” channels that beloved cinematic convention (romantic comedy) into a song, complete with the “meet cute.” The song functions on many layers—it’s a wry commentary on pop love.

Writing and living through Dirty Wonder has been a profound process for K. He recently had a chance to perform “Rom Com” for the husband who had generously helped K when he needed a lift. From the side of the stage, K could see the man was touched by the song. “At that moment, I felt like I was giving back, and that’s all I want to do,” K says. “While I am here, I want to connect through writing stories that help people get through whatever they’re going through.”



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