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Katanak Music | Indie Artist of the Month for June 2020!

Katanak Music | Indie Artist of the Month for June 2020!

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Katanak impresses us yet again with his new single Take Us Back. This upbeat song is a refreshing tune to dance along to, or even just hum and tap your feet to. It is yearning for the carefree days of childhood. Its catchy tune will let you dance your worries away when you’re on the verge of being done dealing with adulthood. This is a track of real good vibes for even just the 3 min & 17 secs that we listen and enjoy the song. He says:

“I just really wanted to go back to a time where I could just hang out with my mates and do whatever we wanted. No thinking about the future except for what we were going to do. The world seemed so much simpler then and that’s what Take Us Back captures.”


Katanak | Take Us Back: Entry for The QUBE Effect 2020

Adding to this euphoria of releasing his new single, Take Us Back is part of Brisbane City Council’s QUBE Effect 2020. He expresses the thrill of being chosen together with 23 other artists. “The QUBE Effect has provided participating musicians with professional development opportunities to network with and be mentored by some of Brisbane’s most influential music industry experts and to create unique videos to help them into the future”. (https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/)

Katanak shares that this experience has provided him an amazing opportunity and that he learned a lot in turning his visions for Take Us Back into reality. He also explains that they are doing the reversal of how music is usually released. Releasing the video clips first and the song follows later is working really well because people find his music through the clips. Katanak’s music is definitely one we are always excited about. Make sure to watch the video!

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Katanak – Astronomy (OFFICIAL)

Astronomy (OFFICIAL)

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Watch Katanak in the official music video for his song Astronomy. It is a super catchy song and the music video is very creative and fun to watch. This guy is a real up and comer with an incredible talent. We are keeping an eye on him and expect big things in the near future. Therefore, be sure and watch this cool video all the way through to the end.

Artist Bio


Dylan Cattanach goes by the name Katanak. He is a multi-instrumentalist who infused a fresh and youthful vibe into his catchy songs. Dylan has been writing and playing for 6 years and has had the opportunity to play live in front of thousands. He is a big fan of The 1975 and some of his other musical influences include The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club.

‘Astronomy’ Music: Dylan Cattanach Lyrics: Keir Nuttall Produced by: Dylan Cattanach Mix Engineer: Ben McCarthy Concept, Videography, Direction, and Editing done by Puddleduck Pictures.

We had the opportunity to run some questions by Katanak and are excited to share this exclusive interview with our readers.

Exclusive Interview with Katanak

NEM: What are some of your current favourite songs?

Katanak: As most people who know me are 100% aware I’m a massive fan of the 1975 and have been listening to their new song “me and you together song” and its definitely an absolute tune.

I’m starting to find songs around this genre that are more UK based. Circa Waves have come onto my radar and while it’s an old tune, “Tshirt Weather” just hums along.


NEM: Who are some of your musical influences?

Katanak: No surprise here, but The 1975 are my biggest inspiration when it comes to song writing but I take some inspiration from The Wombats and Circa Waves.

NEM: What’s the most challenging part of being an Indie Artist?

Katanak: A couple of things jump out, but the boring answer is admin and of course getting your music out to the masses. Admin includes emailing radio stations, blogs, venues for gigs, keeping tax receipts. This also kind of includes putting your heart and soul into something and you email your song off to someone (radio or blog) and you get  …….  nothing (cue crickets). That’s very disheartening, but I’m not alone here. 

NEM: What’s the most rewarding part of being an Indie Artist?

Katanak: For me it’s having someone personally contact me to tell me they like my music. I’ve had so many rejections that just the simple act of someone taking the time to say ‘hey, I like what you do’ can keep me going. It’s such a simple act but it works. Everyone reading, if you like someone’s music, let them know.

the simple act of someone taking the time to say ‘hey, I like what you do’ can keep me going. It’s such a simple act but it works. Everyone reading, if you like someone’s music, let them know.

Getting the opportunity to play live and have people engage in my music even though they don’t know who I am is a genuine rush.

NEM: Who is your biggest encourager?

Katanak: My biggest supporters are my Mum and Dad, my fiancée and my mate Noah.  In fact, Noah texted me the other day and said ‘hey mate, I’m your biggest fan’.  Facebook had sent him a message and we laughed about that one. He comes into the local radio station with me for interviews and he’s known as ‘Noah the roadie’. There’s one local announcer who let’s Noah take centre stage and he interviews me. That’s fun having your mate interview you. We kind of go off track a bit when he’s doing it though.

Mum and Dad have both been instrumental in helping me to this point, with the simple things like admin and sound advice. When I first indicated that I wanted to do music, Mum did that thing that Mum’s do and said ‘surely there’s a nice job that you can get or maybe uni’. That wasn’t appealing to me as music’s just in my blood. Of course I do have a job and fit it all in together but music’s my jam.

Doing the admin is no small feat and that’s where a lot of indie’s come undone I’d reckon. Mum’s been great and has helped with a lot of the admin work and keeping track of everything. The good thing is they both love the music I’m writing, so love to come to my gigs and it’s not a hard ask to get them there. Maybe Mum could do with some dancing lessons, but hey it’s all good, hehe. It doesn’t hurt that Dad plays in two bands, mostly 80’s inspired so I’ve always been around live music.

My fiancée Andrea inspired my debut single ‘Life’. She’s French and I wrote the song because we were looking at visa’s at the time and there are so many hoops to jump through and it’s expensive that I just had to sit and write about how hard it was to get her to be with me. She’s at every gig now and she’s a better dancer than Mum. Did I say that out loud?

She’s at every gig now and she’s a better dancer than Mum. Did I say that out loud?

Katanak – Life


NEM: What can Indie Music fans do to help artists like you?

Katanak: There’s so much that a fan can do to keep indie music going.  Follow on socials, continually engage by liking and commenting on posts. All of this helps get your name out there. Follow on Spotify or the music platform of your choice. None of this costs money but just helps us big time!

This one is really important and this may cost money, but go see and support live music. These big bands out there were small once. Support is needed at the grass roots level. So, go out and stand at the front of the stage and sing your heart out.

Astronomy (OFFICIAL)


NEM: How did your latest song come about?  Is there any special or personal meaning in in for you?

Katanak: “Astronomy” was a song that was almost swept under the rug because I had no ideas for lyrics or a melody. I was recording vocals down in Melbourne with Ben McCarthy for my first single “Life” when I decided to show him the beds from some songs I had been working on. He loved them and sent them to Kier Nuttal (Australian composer) and within 24 hours Kier had written the lyrics and we had recorded the finished product.

NEM: If you could see anyone front row and center, who would it be?

Katanak: I’ve been trying to figure out how I can flesh this answer out and make it witty but can’t. Surprise, surprise, it’s The 19

NEM: Anything that you are excited about in the works that you can share?

Katanak: Absolutely! I have just completed my video clip for ‘Astronomy’ and that will be out Wednesday 19th February. This was the easiest thing I’ve done as I got to work with Louella, one of my best mates from primary school. Louella started a production company – shout out to Puddleduck Pictures – and her and Ethan came up with the ideas for the video and everything was so professional I just had to turn up looking sharp.

Ok, whoops, I might have forgot to read the notes about that! hehe. This is my first official video clip, so pretty stoked.  Our first effort was shot on iphones at one of my gigs so to have this video that looks as cinematic as it does is a treat.

I’ve also been announced as one of the 24 Brisbane musicians involved in the QUBE Effect program run by the Brisbane City Council. This program is a mentoring program and as part of the program we’re going to be filming another video clip. I’ve got that song being mixed as we speak and together with this video clip I should have something ready for April. So keep an eye out for that one. 2020 is looking bright indeed.

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