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Katie Kei Music | 4 Songs To Reflect On NeverEnoughMusic.com

Katie Kei Music | 4 Songs To Reflect On

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Starting off this Katie Kei Music music collection is “Drown” which is an original ballad put in together through a waterfall of thoughts and feelings that Katie Kei had during the time of writing this song, she said. On the whole, it is a song that talks about self-worth and feeling hurt by other people judging you and being unable to get to know yourself because of their opinion about you.

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Katie Kei Music Bio

Katie Kei Music
Katie Kei

Katie Kei music influence started when she was still young. She is a talented singer with an amazing voice. Because she started from a very young age, she was able to devote herself to acting. In addition to that, she did an audition where she made her first appearance on theatres back in 2008. It was a performance for the ‘Three Musketeers’ at the Brno Municipal Theatre and this is where her entire career began. In 2009, she was selected to be a part of the musical act called ‘Misery’ where she played the role of little Cosette.

Afterward of her theatre appearances, she continued to sing for the following years. With her musical abilities, she also was able to go outside of the Czech Republic where she had performances. As a result of her hard work, she was able to land her biggest role ever in the musical called ‘Merry Poppins’. She played Jane Banks where she showed a lot of her energy. As a result of having bigger roles, her career gave her more opportunities in the world of theatre.

Katie Kei Music

Alien, Baby

Alien, Baby is one of those songs that tell you something when you don’t understand something that going on around you. Also, this is a Katie Kei music that gives us the feeling of being like an alien to your own normal habitat particularly when dating or in relationships or anything that involves ‘Love’.


3rd song in this Katie Kei music selection is probably my personal favorite because of the message. It is undoubtedly a song about bullying and that it is and should always be a major issue in our society. Even some innocent and fun people can have a very painful experience. Furthermore, this song is written with the intention to give people encouragement to fight through the claws of other people making their lives painful. In conclusion, the song’s message is for you to be stronger than those people who give you pain.

Burn It Down

The lyrics of this song tell us that mental health illness is something that we should take seriously. In addition to that, we go outside and see people’s faces, you’ll never know the battles each and everyone is going through and the best you can do is to be polite and respectful at all times. As a result, we do not have the ability to read people’s minds and we will never know what is going through inside their thoughts and this song shows us somewhat of an image or view of how its gonna be.

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