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Kiol Music

Kiol music releases Joy, a track that exactly defines what joy is as a feeling. A very catchy drumbeat intro that segues into a somewhat funky bass line beat. What joy as a feeling has been totally distinguished from what we know as happiness. It’s a deeper sense of emotion. It’s a very interesting way to define the two in a song. It has an underlying message of telling people that joy is a constant thing and can be found anywhere by doing what you are passionate about. True enough, happiness is only felt as a result of something favorable to us. But even more true is the fact that we do raise the bar of happiness every time we achieve it. In a way, it eventually becomes discontenting.

Kiol’s voice is on the bit of a raspy side and gives a lot of character to the song. His voice, the beat, and the message go so well together that it’s not enough to listen to the song just once. The song isn’t very upbeat like how you would expect it from the title, but there is no better way this could have been done. Essentially, the song relays its message in a way that doesn’t only stay in your head but also gets to the heart. It’s not a love song but you really are going to love this song!

Joy is the third single of Kiol’s first album Techno Drug Store which is set for release on October this year (2020). The album is practically a wrap up of his journey with music. Kiol music is definitely one to watch out for!

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Kiol Music

Kiol Music

Born Alessandro Bossi, the 22-year-old Italian singer and songwriter rises up to live with the name he is known for, Kiol. With a promising great talent in music, he is now based in London doing what he has always been passionate about. For years, the young artist has already toured Europe since his teens, performed over 150 gigs and supported bigger artists including Jack Savoretti, Joan Baez, Editors, Patti Smith, and Placebo, among a doubtlessly long list.

Now on the road to releasing his album Techno Drug Store, he shares his journey in every track. Kiol’s music is a mix of genres, spanning from modern folk, indie-pop, hip-hop, and soul. His greatest influences are young artists Angus & Julia Stone, Mumford & Sons, Kurt Vile. Also pitch in old school influences from Ray Charles, Neil Young, Bill Withers, and James Brown. We get a versatile artist that stands true to his name. In fact, Kiol means ‘music’ in Gaelic.

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