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Kulick Music | 4 Rock Anthems To Keep You Awake

Kulick Music | 4 Rock Anthems To Keep You Awake

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Talking To The Ceiling

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Talk To The Ceiling is a good example of how Kulick music sounds. It boasts some pop elements with rock riffs and very creative lyrics. This track follows his previous single “Rope”.

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Kulick Music History

Kulick Music

Jacob Kulick started his music career when he decided to turn his tiny close into his own private music studio at the age 12. He then began writing and recording songs as a way to cope with his anxiety and loneliness. Kulick music was born during his middle school. It was a tought time for him since he went through a lot of disassociation and bullying.

Kulick also co-founded a high school band called Story of Another in which he made a self-produced album and went on to study audio engineering at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He landed a job with CBS Radio in New York City as an engineer. During this time, he met a fellow musician who had a connection at RCA Records and resulted in him having an introductory meeting with the label. It is by then Kulick music dedicated his life over the next two years in building up his solo material. In 2017, his hard work paid off after signing a deal with RCA Records.

More Kulick Music

This song is really catchy! ‘Rope’ is part of this Kulick music selection because of the vibe it brings. Upbeat drums plus pop-rock style singing is a really good combination. Watch this simple yet very on point lyrics music video.


‘Scatterbrain’ is a song about today’s busy society. This is what Kulick music claims as they explained it. They said that there’s an ongoing battle to stay true to who you are. You should decide to fight the resistance and be who you are in order to please other, get their attention and gain popularity.

Hole In My Head

Right off the bat, you’ll immediately change your mood in this one especially when you also watch the music video. By the lyrics of this song, it seems to be about a not so good memory that sticks inside our brains. This is quite common to people nowadays and I think if you dive deeper into the lyrics, you’ll understand and maybe relate to it.

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