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Laura Mustard Music | Treehouse (EP)

Laura Mustard Music | Treehouse (EP)

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Even when you’re not in the mood for something sweet and romantic, you’ll definitely be into it. Watch this video for Treehouse from Laura Mustard music. It is a fantasy that runs around the story of childhood friends growing up and becoming lovers, and being together until old age. And throughout their time together, they keep coming back to their treehouse. This treehouse was a special place that held all their memories.

Everyone has their own “treehouse”, whether it’s a place or a person. This track in a way tells us to hold on to what is dear to us, share and treasure these until we’re older.

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Laura Mustard Music

Laura Mustard Music

Laura Mustard is a Nashville-based pop/folk independent artist. She was born and raised in Connecticut who spent her childhood navigating doctors’ offices and medical routines at home as a result of some birth defects and food allergies. Her unique medical history led to a search for self-acceptance, an embrace of vulnerability, and a fierce belief in body positivity. These themes are all reflective in her Treehouse EP.

“Treehouse is 24 minutes of positivity-infused pop-folk with fun production that will make you feel better about yourself.”


Eager is the second single off the EP Treehouse. It is an upbeat and lively track that is really fun to listen to. With a rhythm that gets you clapping your hands or tapping your toes, this song just makes you sing along. Surely, everyone relates to “I’ve made a fool of myself more times than I can count”.

In this track, the artist laughs about her terrible dating history. The song opens and ends to the line, “I just got untangled but I’m already looking around to see what other trouble I could get into”. This somehow gets us visualizing her being ungraceful and awkward with the guy she likes. She doesn’t mind being called eager, she’s only making her point of wanting to know the guy better. Laura Mustard music gives us this track that is actually very cute, lyrically, and musically.

Laura Mustard Music

She Must Go

Laura goes into a slower tempo with She Must Go, the third track of the EP Treehouse. Delving into a more serious theme, she creates a physical persona of shame. The track refers to the character that is shame, which shows up in her worst moments. Being relatable to many, the song makes you want to cling to the words. It is in reality a painful song, yet something you can’t stop listening to because of the realness of it, given the artist’s life experiences.

Teach Me How To Lie

Another track with an emotional and painful theme is Teach Me How to Lie. Laura talks about being walked out and rejected during her vulnerable times. The song tells about being judged by the imperfections that she didn’t choose. These imperfections refer to the artist having health complications since birth, something she didn’t choose and could not change even if she wanted to. “I think, in the end, that song shows that your vulnerability is a strength.

This song gets you carried away with a lot of emotions and would make you relate to the pain. Laura Mustard music just takes the listeners to another level of the most honest emotions through her songs.

Laura Mustard Music


After the painful song about rejection, Laura now gives us this happy vibe of a track called Spin. Following the rejection of one person, she now relays the acceptance she has found from another person through this cheerful track. Laura perfectly exposes how happiness and contentment feels like in this song’s lyrics and music. It’s impossible to not wear a smile listening to this song. It makes you feel a little more bouncy after.

Nobody’s Road

Finally, she concludes the EP off with a song about self-acceptance with Nobody’s Road. How often is it that people keep to themselves for the fear of not being accepted? All the while, we never realize that we never accept our flaws and experiences that mold us to become what we are. This amazing song reminds us that more important than wanting to be accepted by others, we are supposed to accept ourselves first. The music video shows Laura’s journey in life, stressing on the line “nobody’s road is ever even”.

It’s such a feel-good song, exactly as Laura said, “This EP wants you to make friends with yourself”. These are the kind of songs that deserve to be heard by and shared with many.

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