Lee Cole Music | I don’t wanna wait

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Lee Cole Music | I don’t wanna wait (Official Music Video)

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Lee Cole Music | I don’t wanna wait

Watch this official music video of Lee Cole. He sings with so much passion that you can really feel what he is trying to tell his listeners through this song. A heartwarming song about staying strong when it comes to the matters of the heart. Therefore, click now to see what this video is all about!

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Lee Cole Music | I don’t wanna wait

Lee Cole is a talented – evolving artist from Portugal who started singing at the very young age of 7. He has done quite a number of awesome covers in YouTube with thousands of views and counting! Furthermore, Lee has launched a couple of his own original songs that are feel good and artistic!

Lee Cole Music
Lee Cole

In addition to Lee’s array of undeniable talents, this handsome lad doesn’t just sing but also plays instruments like the piano and guitars alongside his unique songwriting skills that’s incredibly good and full of passion.

And just like any dreamer, Lee hopes to one day collaborate with today’s world-renowned artists like James Arthur, Bruno Mars and Billie Eilish. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Lee Cole is already working his way up and has so much more to offer for his fans and followers. Therefore, better stay tuned to be one of the firsts to see all his updates and latest gigs!

Lee Cole Music | I don’t wanna wait

Speaking of which, he recently launched his official music video for his song “I don’t want to wait” and you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to be one of the firsts to see this awesome music video from Lee Cole! This song will surely make you want to hear him more, and see him more!

Lee Cole | Ride or Die (Official Music Video)

Watch the Music Video for Lee Cole’s original song “Ride or Die.” This song is more upbeat and super catchy. The video is great and the car is very cool. We really believe that Lee is a super star in the making. This song once again shows off is amazing voice and big time talent. Therefore, be sure and check out this cool video and be sure to watch it all the way through. Let us know what you think.

Lee Cole | Stay (Official Video)

Watch another music video for another great song “Stay.” Lee sounds great as always and the song has a powerful flow to it that keeps the listener engaged and wanting more. The message of the song is touching and moving as it deals with the hard reality of having to let go. Check it out now and see for yourself.

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