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Little Brother Eli Music | Perfect- a song about life's imperfections

Little Brother Eli Music | Perfect- a song about life’s imperfections

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With the first 10 seconds of a song, you can already tell if you like it or not. Little Brother Eli music catches your attention in that short time with their song Perfect. Just enough time for a subtly groovy intro before you start hearing playful lyrics that already make you turn the volume a little louder. By the time you reach the chorus, your volume is already up on full. You might be already be dancing, too.

This track is so easy to enjoy, with a smooth yet danceable rhythm. It gives you different beats all throughout with a smashing chorus. Its witty lyrics are just as good as uttering tongue twisters. Now, that’s fun to sing along to.

Little Brother Eli Music

Little Brother Eli Music

There could be a time you’d think you’re hearing some Maroon 5 rhythm and dynamics. True enough, their main influences come from Prince, The 1975, Maroon 5, Led Zeppelin, and Tears for Fears. And to tell you, these guys are just as good as those bands. With obviously a lot of passion for their craft, they’ll make it really big out there, too. Hint, they purposely broke a glass for this song. That should tell us they’re serious about what they do.

Other than the song itself, the video is a lot of fun to watch, too. It’s a quarantine-made video. You’d think artists would find it hard to do something creative with their videos these days. Well, not for this band. They successfully get you to watch all throughout with a smile on your face with their playful video. Another hint, see Adam’s glorious moustache. The rest of the band finds it amusing.

The song is about the imperfections of life and was originally written as a reward for their Kickstarter fans. Give this track a listen through the end and you’ll surely be looking into these guys’ other songs. It’s so easy to love Little Brother Eli music.

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Little Brother Eli Music

The band got together in Oxford in 2013, aiming to make music like their musical heroes. It was originally formed by bassist, Josh Rigal and vocalist, Alex Grew. They were soon joined by guitarist Adam Stowe and former drummer, now replaced by Mitch Weaving. Their music combines rock, disco, and electro sounds with hip-hop rhythms. Their notable gigs include features in BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing; and in events such as Truck Festival, The Big Feastival, Green Man, and Common People.

The Band’s name comes from one of the characters in the Daniel Day Lewis film ‘There will be Blood’.

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