Remy Reilly performs ‘Little Things’ (LIVE)

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Little Things by Remy Reilly (LIVE)

Original song Little Things by Remy Reilly. Click & Watch this amazing young talent perform her original song live at the Granada Theater, Dec 30th 2018. She has a bright future, you don’t want to miss this energetic music video.

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Remy is a Indie Pop singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX.

Remy Reilly performs ‘Little Things’ (LIVE)

16-year-old Remy Reilly is not only a singer and songwriter with a voice mature beyond her age, but she also plays the drums and piano. Remy got her start performing all around the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. Remy’s love for music began early on at the age of 2 with singing. By the time she was just five years old, she was already writing her own music. Inspired by artists like ZZ Ward, Norah Jones, and The Cure, this teenage powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with and a fresh new face in the Dallas music scene. A songwriter wise beyond her years, Remy’s first single tackles mature topics like bullying and self-love. 

“Remy’s songs are really next level, she has killer lyrics and such a cool view of the craft,” said Josh Fleming, frontman of The Vandoliers, “she is going to do great things.” 
Her debut EP was created locally at Modern Electric Sound Recorders within a year’s time. Reilly teamed up with producers Jason Burt (Medicine Man Revival), Jordache Grant, and Charlie Wiles who helped make her vision come true. 

Remy Reilly performs ‘Little Things’ (LIVE)

“I’m so thankful for people like Remy in my life to keep my on my toes,” said Burt. “She has a unique songwriting style already and it’s an honor to help her vision; she’s going somewhere fast!” 



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