Luna Blue Music | 3 Danceable Alternative Indie Rock Tunes!

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Away With You

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Starting off this Luna Blue music collection is ‘Away With You’. There’s no way you’ll not make a single move even the smallest headbang when you listen to this song. The song’s funky sound is really perfect for dance while also having a sincere message of doubts and fears of being unsuccessful.

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Luna Blue Music History

luna blue music
Luna Blue

Luna Blue music originated in Brighton, England. This indie-rock band has made a hit single titled ‘Tropical’ in 2019 which landed them multiple sold-out shows throughout the year. Right now, the band is deep into exciting new projects for this year. They will be releasing their debut headline UK tour this coming August where they will be making appearances in major towns and cities in the south while working with Breakthrough Producer of the Year Award-nominated Matthew Parisi.

With their ability to craft, they have been showcasing their unique and infectious indie-rock anthems and smash into summer 2020 releasing their second of four alternative-indie dance tracks ‘Away With You’.

Continue to Dance with more Luna Blue music:

Look At Me

The band said they made this song with the same direction they took with their other song ‘Tropical’. They try to make their own music more accessible to a wider audience in which they take influence from Fickle Friends and 1975s poppy sound. Luna Blue music ‘Look At Me’ is an upbeat track going from the beginning which is a significantly faster than their song ‘Keep Me There’. The song has just passed 40k stream on Spotify and is quickly gaining more audience within the Brighton music scene.


‘Tropical’ is the song that has such a very appealing funky sound that also has a slight sentimental feel in it. The band created this new music in an even more positive mindset while keeping their regular sound. There’s a big chance that when you play this song, you’ll be moving your feet!

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