Marcin Patrzalek – Mad Guitar Skills

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Marcin Patrzalek – Mad Guitar Skills

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Marcin Patrzalek – Amazing Mad Guitar Skills

Watch Marcin Patrzalek with his Amazing Mad Guitar Skills performing on AGT. This awesome guitarist shows his prowess on the guitar like never seen before on the show. Therefore, be sure and watch this cool music video all the way to the end.

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Marcin Patrzalek Biography (from his website)

Marcin Patrzalek
Marcin Patrzalek

Marcin Patrzalek is an 18 year old Polish guitarist, musician and composer. He started playing classical guitar when he was 10. In 2015 he won the 9th edition of ‘Must Be The Music’ Poland at the age of only 14 years old. As a result, he’s the only solo guitarist to have ever won a talent show that big in his native country.

He plays acoustic, classical, flamenco and jazz guitar, and also produces electronic music. In 2016 he released his debut album ‘HUSH’ featuring 10 tracks, compiling Marcin’s own compositions, 2 arrangements and 2 remixes. HUSH (and tabs for all pieces) are available on

Marcin Patrzalek – Mad Guitar Skills

Word about Marcin spread around the Internet after his Toxicity arrangement got over 30 million views and his Paganini rendition over 15 million views. In November 2018 he released his first EP called “revAMP” comprising all his arrangements. Among the tracks was Beethoven’s 5th Symphony arrangement which went on to amass over 30 million views on Facebook – making it Marcin’s 3rd viral video. On YouTube Marcin’s videos reached around 20M views while on Facebook it’s around 80M altogether.

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