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Mason Harms

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Watch this outstanding music video by Mason Harms. The song is beautifully written and has great vocals. His message is simple and it is about entrusting all your fears and doubts to God that in His perfect time, He will make everything alright. His talent absolutely shines and the video will surely relax your soul. Click now and see this amazing official music video!

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mason harms

Mason Harms is a Laramie Wyoming based singer/songwriter who wants to express his faith and love for our Creator, Jesus through his songs. He writes beautiful songs about how we can succumb to God’s loving arms and how we can all be at peace if we live in his ways. He is obviously has God given talents that should not be to put to waste.

As a young boy, Mason already showed so much interest in music that he would get in trouble in school cause of playing the drums on his desk. His parents saw so much potential that they supported his love for music and enrolled him as a percussionist in the school band and in the choir. 

As he became a young man, Mason also learned to play the guitar and began leading worship when he was just in High school. From then on, he would play the guitar for his school organizations and a variety of churches singing beautiful songs and heart-warming hymns.

Finally, In 2017, during his Senior year in Wyoming, Harms started to write his own music and is currently on his way to receive a Masters in Theological Studies. There is obviously no stopping this guy from achieving greatness! Let us all support Mason Harms and let him do more music in honor and glory of our Lord, Jesus.

Mason Harms | Loved by You

Mason Harms

Click now and see this relaxing song by Mason Harms entitled “Loved by You”. He is definitely one talented man who is proud to sing and write songs about God. His voice is powerful and he plays the guitar perfectly. Watch this awesome video and appreciate what the song is about!

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